Probably one of the accessories that we carry around wherever we go, wallets are an essential item that keeps our cash safe in one place. Get the best Tory Burch wallets in Singapore and read more about the different types of wallets offered here.


Different types of Tory Burch wallets

Other than its original purpose of keeping your cash organized, depending on the design of the wallet it carries coins, cards, passports, and even smartphones. Tory Burch wallets come in various designs and are very versatile, which suits to be used for many occasions.

Bi-fold wallet

Perhaps one of the most commonly used wallets, the bi-fold are those that allow you to fold only once. These types of wallets are typically used for men as it is small in size and can be easily carried in the pocket. Nonetheless, bi-folds are also popular among women as Tory Burch has designed their wallets to look feminine. For example, the Parker foldable mini wallet offers many compartments such as the zip pocket in the back, 4 card slots, a cash pocket, and a spacious compartment.

Passport/ Continental wallet

Suitable for those who are frequent travelers, the passport or continental works great as it can fit bills of any sizes. On the other hand, it is spacious enough to fit your passport so that you have a safe place to put it while traveling. This design seems to be very popular with Tory Burch wallets offering plentiful of interior space such as card slots, cash pockets, zip pockets, passport sleeve as well as an optional wristlet strap.

Other types of wallet designs

Tri-fold wallets

As the name suggests, a tri-fold wallet has a similar courier function as a bi-fold wallet, except that folds up to three times instead of two. Typically, the wallet is designed for the cards to be kept vertically. On the other hand, it provides more space for your belonging but tends to be slightly bulky when placed in the pocket.

Checkbook wallets

The checkbook wallets are a must-have for those who frequently utilizes cheques as a form of payment. As cheques are bigger in size, these wallets are ideal for accommodating them. Generally, these wallets come in a rectangular shape which prevents your cash from being folded too many times.

French style wallets

Bearing a similar style to the checkbook wallets, this rectangular-shaped purse is popular among the ladies. It usually has more compartments and several designs that come with or without zips as well as the snap-type closure.

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