Let your child learn and get fit while playing with toy gyms in Singapore. Find the best toy gyms with the selection below or find out more about toy gyms here.


Toy gyms in Singapore

Fitness is something we all have to keep in mind in our older years. But the best fitness starts from when we are born. A toddler’s flexibility and strength factor in to how well he or she physically performs in the future. It’s no surprise then that the biggest brands in baby toys have pooled resources to create the most fun and exciting toys to keep baby fit and healthy. These ‘toy gyms’ can now be found online in Singapore today. From baby cots to play-mats, you will find hundreds of creative ideas for you little one. Find out more about toy gyms in Singapore with the links below.

So much fun! – Toy gyms for your little one

Have you ever looked at children’s toys and thought “That looks like a whole lot of fun!”? With toy gyms it’s exactly the same! Much like a playground, toy gyms incorporate the element of fun and play into your child’s day. Simply place the toy gym in an open and monitored area and let your toddler be free in that area. You can be sure to intrigue your toddler’s curiosity as he or she gets acquainted with the gym. Toy gyms are so fun, even adults want to play with them.

Let’s look at some examples that fall under the category of toy gyms. Toy gyms in Singapore include secure and colourful cots, tents, stress-relief squishy toys and colourful wooden toys to teach eye-hand coordination. Sometimes, these toy gyms are combined with learning tools such as alphabets and numbers. For example, you can find play-mats with numbers and alphabets to be matched. Let your child learn numbers and letters while having fun.

Some toy gym options you can get for you children

  • Little Rabbit Meitoku Cartoon Design Baby Play Mat
  • OBL Play-O-Lot Activity Gym
  • MY DEAR My Dear Animals Activity Mat
  • Meitoku Hello Kitty Play Mat
  • Zekai Baby Music and Game Blanket Kick and Play Gym
  • Baby Letter Crawling Mat
  • 9 Pcs Flower-Patterned Interlocking Soft Foam Flower Floor

Toy gyms online with iprice

Now that you know more about toy gyms online, it’s time to get shopping! iPrice offers you up to 80% discounts for your Gym. The Playgro Dinosaur Playgym, 6 pcs Fisher Price Playmat Dual Side Different Design and Parklon Wellbeing Double Plus Series Soft Playmat-Pororo \"Music Band\" Large size (185x140x24mm) Super thick mat are the category's top selling products. Kigu Kawaii, MY DEAR and Simple Dimple are brands that are popular because of their great selection of Gym. You can find two types of Gym online, particularly Pretend Play, Gym and Trading Card Games; you can choose the one that suits your need. For colours, Yellow, White and Silver are amongst the popular shades when it comes to Gym.