Toys can take a variety of shapes and sizes. There are action figures, toy trucks and vehicles, dolls, and so much more. Among the best toys your child could ever play with are educational pounding and hammer toys. Take a look at our selection of pounding toys in Singapore or read more about it below.


Hammer and Pounding Toys in Singapore - For your Child's Entertainment

As kids, toys have played a huge part in our childhood. Whether it's your favorite red toy truck or barbie doll, toys have always been a child's favorite companion. Toys can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features but it all has the same purpose: to entertain your child. However, playing with toys have an underlying purpose in your kid's growth and development. Playing with toys can enhance your kid's cognitive and motor skills plus playing with friends also provides them with social interactions early in their childhood. This is the reason why toys are a necessity for growing children.

What are Pounding Toys?

Pounding toys are types of toys in which kids can play by pounding on or hammering a set of colored rods or shapes. Pounding toys can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on your child's preferences or needs. In most cases, pounding toys are differently colored which looks attractive to children and can produce a variety of sounds when hammered. To best describe a pounding or hammering toy, think of the arcade game "Whack-a-mole" where the main objective is to pound as many appearing moles as you can within a time frame. Like the arcade game, pounding toys for children offer entertainment and provide great opportunities for learning sounds, colors, and even shapes.

Types of Pounding Toys

There are two main types of pounding toys you can purchase for your children. Though both equally serve the same purpose, there are many differences between these two types.

Wooden Pounding toys

As the name suggests, wooden pounding toys are made of non-toxic painted wood. What is great about this toy is that it doesn't need electricity to run, all you need to do is show them to your kids and they can instantly play with it without the need for batteries. All components of a wooden pounding toy are made of wood, including the hammer.

Electronic Pounding Toys

The second type of pounding and hammering toys are electronic pounding toys. This type of toys allow for more features compared to wooden pounding toys but requires batteries to run. These type of pounding toys often produce sound and can even light up when in use, providing more entertainment for your kids. Electric pounding toys can be made from plastic or a combination of both plastic and wood.

As parents, it is our responsibility to guide and encourage our children to be more active and creative. Through playing, kids can enhance their motor and cognitive skills at the same time, especially with a pounding and hammering toy. Regardless of which type you choose, your kids would still be happy with their new toy!