Pretend play is a form of play with children that requires them to think for themselves and create aa world in which they are the characters. Children's pretend play is typically enhanced by the use of pretend play toys, or common household objects which represent other items and objects. Pretend play is a very important aspect of a child's life as it teaches them many different skills.

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Pretend Play for Kids!

Unlock Your Children's Imagination

The best lessons in life are taught and learnt through experience, not classrooms or lectures from your teacher and parents. Your children also learns the same way, through their experiences in playing and communicating with other children.

Children have very amazing imagination, they can think of things that adults and older people would never be able to picture. They also learn through their imagination and acting them out, which is great for their development of many different skills. We have all seen children picking up an object, be it a pebble or a badly drawn face on a paper and then using them to represent other things such as a car or another person – that's imaginative play at work.

Pretend Play is Important for your Child

Everyone knows the importance of pretend play for children, that's why there are many toys out there that help enhance and further nurture a child's imagination. With many different toys and objects to utilize in the construction of their imaginative world, children really do reap the benefits of pretend play.

  • Children usually make up all sorts of stories and worlds when they pretend play, and they will also want to tell about these worlds they think of. Not only that, children also mimic and roleplay characters and occupations in their imaginative worlds, whether or not they understand the meaning of the words. This form of mimicking and repetition ultimately helps them to expand their vocabulary and improve language skills.
  • Because of the nature of their imaginative worlds, communication is a vital and important aspect of pretend play. Pretend playing teaches the children to understand others through social skills. When they communicate with others – even if imaginary – they learn to understand compassion and empathy towards others; children also reflect their parent's social behaviors, so setting a good example is important.
  • Pretend play teaches children that there are boundaries and rules in life, whether at home or in other places. Hen a child roleplays a character or an occupation in pretend play, they come to understand that it has certain boundaries as to what they can do. This type of play will reflect on to the children that there are rules to follow everywhere.
  • Pretend play also helps children to form stronger bonds with their friends or with their own family members through lots of fun and play.

Pretend Play Toys

There are a large variety of pretend play toys out there, second only to a child's imagination. The toys are also representatives of its real life counterparts and occupations.

Popular pretend play toys for boys are usually in the form of toy cars, toy guns, action figures, and even toy toolboxes. For girl, the pretend play toys usually take the form of dolls, house play sets, cooking play sets. Though these are popular to their specific genders, pretend play usually mixes both together so that your children can experience an even larger imaginative world.