Fancy having a board games session this weekend? An increasingly-popular hobby amongst Singaporeans, playing board games is a recreational activity that brings hours of entertainment to you and your loved ones. Find out popular board game titles that you can try out below.


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Popular Board Games that You Should Try Out for Yourself

If you are looking for an activity that you and your friends or family can engage in together, then playing board games is a good place to start. Board games are growing in popularity amongst Singaporeans today as they enable players to interact with one another while having fun at the same time. Moreover, board games also promote healthy personal interaction, as they enable players to be away from their smartphones and social media while they are playing. There are also many values that you can learn from playing board games including strategic resource management, critical thinking, leadership, and many more. Hence, here are some noteworthy titles that you should start playing:


Featuring a concept that is easily understandable, Catan is a family board game that can be played by children and adults. The game requires players to gather resources and build buildings to score victory points. The first person to score 10 victory points will win the game. Throughout the game, you can trade resources with other players for you to fulfill your objectives. Catan has a simplistic gameplay that can be picked up easily but it teaches players simple resource management and negotiation skills to achieve personal objectives. Its simplicity makes it a great game to introduce to individuals who are unfamiliar with board games as well as children.

As a testament to Catan’s popularity, it now has several expansions that add more dimensions to the overall gameplay, adding depth to the game and making it more enjoyable to play for seasoned players.

Seven Wonders

Ever wanted to be a ruler of an empire? Lead an ancient civilization of your choice to glory with Seven Wonders. This game requires you to choose the necessary resources for you to upgrade your civilization and score points. There are a variety of ways to score points, including military prowess, diplomacy, and trade. Some of the cards have bonuses that will add short-term or long-term benefits to players. At the end of the game, players with the most points will emerge as the winner.

Mansion of Madness 2

For more seasoned players, Mansion of Madness is a great game to indulge in. Mansion of Madness is a scenario-driven occult horror and mystery for two to five players. Based on the horror theme by H.P. Lovecraft, all players will take on the role of investigators who explore an eerie location in the hopes of solving a mystery before it is too late. Each of these investigators will have their own respective abilities that players can utilise throughout the course of the game. In this game, players will need to work together to complete the investigation. Hence, this game will require players to work together and utilise each other’s strengths to solve the mystery and win the game.

Besides the games mentioned above, there are many popular board games that are developed by companies such as Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee, Mayfair, and AEG.