Building block toys for kids come in all shapes and sizes. From educational building blocks, toddler sets, and collectors’ action figures, you know you will find thousands of options. Read more information on toy building blocks in Singapore below.

Stacking Blocks
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Building Block Toys for your Children's Needs

Besides birthdays, toy gifts sets provide the perfect options for presents as congratulatory or motivational inspirations. Think of any holiday or birthdays; think of how many people give and exchange gifts as a form of sharing happiness. Not only that, if there is a friend or family member who recently gave birth, you can simply give them toy building block sets to express your happiness. Let’s look at some varieties of building block toys in Singapore and the best occasions you can use them for.

Toy action figure sets

Surely you've seen display sets of movie action figures. Among other reasons, toy action figure sets make your surroundings more festive and give a sense of movement. Typically displayed on the shelves or tables, these toy sets come in handy when you are bored. Conjure up scenarios played out in the movies and use your action figures as characters to your imagination.

Cars, aircraft, and fantasy vehicle building blocks

For the boys, get a gift set of toy building blocks for aircraft and all kinds of fantasy vehicles and watch their imagination flow. Give a sneak peek of the real-life world to your child with toy sets of cars. Everything from Star Wars to Disney cars is available for you to grab. You can add other mini cars, trucks, planes, and other vehicles to each set. Customize tracks and landscapes with toy sets for each child.

Arts and crafts

Along with the creativity of building and customizing toy sets, let your child use his/her hands and imagination to mould and shape everything using arts and craft play sets. Check out Lego building blocks and other big brands in the toy market that allow your child to expand creativity. Don’t want to pay a big price for Lego? Simply get the aftermarket brand Lele – China’s answer to the Lego franchise. Also in this lineup comes educational toy sets to help in the growth of your child’s mind. Educational building block toys generally teach numbers, colours, sights and sounds to children in the most fun of ways.

Building blocks for toddlers

In addition to toys that can be played by adults, there are also a huge collection of toys for infants and children. In addition to having attractive colors, infant toy sets are designed to strengthen your baby's muscles in the hands while they learn to grasp. Eye-hand coordination is also enhanced as your infant plays with these sets. Some examples of these sets include basic shapes, alphabets, and numbers. Infant toys must also be non-toxic and without moving parts. This is due to the fact that infants tend to put toys in their mouths when playing.

Some of the biggest brands of toy sets to look out for:

  • Lego
  • Star Wars
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Peppa Pig