Every classroom should be equipped with toys that will enhance a child’s interest and experience. Playing is essential to babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers because they are at the age where they can absorb the most information. Stacking blocks provide one of the most valuable learning experiences! Read more about stacking blocks in Singapore below.


Top Stacking Blocks Price List 2020

Stacking blocks in Singapore: Toys for cognitive development

Cognitive development refers to the process of growth and change in the mental skills or behaviours needed to help children access information, solve problems, reason, and understand. Stacking blocks can provide a child with hours of visual stimulation. Not only does it enhance their fine motor skills, they are learning everything from fundamental math concepts to problem-solving.

Skills that can be learned through stacking blocks

These classic toys are not only beneficial for the cognitive development of a child; it also develops other aspects such as physical, emotional, and social skills.

Identifying shapes, colours, and sizes

With the variety of stacking blocks in Singapore available for purchase, it encourages children to match, count, and sort. Parents should also take advantage of this play session as it helps them to interact with their children through co-playing. You can talk to them about the shapes of the blocks as well as the colours and number on the blocks. Below are some stacking block options that will help in this segment:

  • Intellectual Geometry Shape Wooden Building Block Toy
  • Muwanzi Kids 3D Wooden Building Block Geometry Match Toy
  • Children’s WJ Building Block Toy Domino Double Sided Printed Chinese Character Wooden Building Block Puzzle Toy

Analytical and imagination

At such a young age, you would be surprised that your little ones actually have big ideas. Kids are naturally imaginative and it can be further enhanced through stacking blocks. Stacking blocks have loose parts and can be freely moved by children. It encourages them to think and create as it can be combined and recombined in countless ways. This exploratory activity will help foster their analytical and imaginative skills. Here are some stacking blocks you can get for your kids:

  • 2016 New Wooden Building Block Splicing Educational Lock Toy Baby Kid Christmas Gift
  • Wooden Building Block House Simulation

Social and emotional growth

Stacking blocks allow children to learn social skills as they work together with other kids. This will allow them to take turns in sharing materials, be cooperate with others, and becoming self-reliant. Check out the best stacking blocks to share below:

  • 62pcs Wooden Building Block City Traffic Simulation
  • Educational Wooden Building Block Learning Number and Math 100pcs

Stacking blocks in Singapore for lifelong learning

Often times, we associate stacking blocks with toddlers, but that does not mean the benefits end when children enter school. Engaging in stacking activities daily for the older kids can boost their mathematics skills, spatial reasoning, and self-control. It comes as no surprise that engineers and scientists build physical models as it helps them test and explore ideas. Do not underestimate the power that these stacking blocks in Singapore have because the benefits are endless.