Check out the best in toy building sets such as LEGO and other brands only at iprice Singapore. Whether for your kids or as your own collection, you can find toy building sets for the lowest prices at iprice. Find out more here.


Give your kids the best toys with iprice’s selection of building sets in Singapore

Growing up with toys, we all got to expand the deep recesses of our imagination. Toys helped us use our creativity and open our mind to new possibilities. For many of us in Singapore, growing up with toys building sets was an everyday thing. Whether it is Lego or Lasy or any other type of building sets, the thought of having toys we could craft into anything brought such happiness to us. Thankfully today, we have the same types of toys available to pass down to our kids. What’s better, we can browse and purchase these toys online through iprice. Check out iprice’s selection of toys and building sets at the lowest prices just for you or find out more with the links below.

Encourage your child to get into building sets

Time to put away the iPad and give your child some more productive toys to play with. Research shows that encouraging children to use their hands in creating and sculpting can increase creativity by leaps and bounds. It’s no wonder then that many of today’s top engineers, doctors and scientists played with some form of building set toys when they were little. Building sets come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the best way to choose a building set is to look for what your child loves. If he or she loves cars, get them car building sets. Lego has many such building sets. The same goes is your child shows interest for houses and cities, get him or her the city building sets.

Building sets – For the young at heart

Contrary to popular belief, toys are not just for kids. Toy building blocks are also a favourite for old ‘kids’. Building sets also make awesome hobbies for us older folks. You’ve definitely seen people on TV or maybe even in real life who collect toy building sets. For adults, toy building sets come is a variety of ranges. From conceptual building sets to movie-themed models, there’s something for everyone. Here are some examples of building sets you could collect in Singapore:

  • LEGO Technic 24 Hours Race Car 42039
  • LEGO City - Trains Level Crossing (7936)
  • LEGO City Fire Station
  • LEGO City Straight & Curved Rails
  • LEGO Technic Set #8109 Flatbed Truck B005D79A24
  • LEGO Technic Quad Bike 8262 B001GN3FBQ

Any collector and enthusiast knows the value of each set. He or she wouldn’t mind even forking out more money for rare collector’s building sets such as the LEGO Technic series. But today, you don’t have to spend such an extravagant amount on building sets for toys. Iprice gives you a run for your money.

The best toys in building sets with iprice in Singapore

Most Sets used today are in Red, Multicolour and Green. Up to 81% discounts on Sets can be found only on iprice. The two best-selling Sets curry are the Technic 42020 Twin-rotor Helicopter, Technic Set #8109 Flatbed Truck B005D79A24/ship from USA / Flyingcoco and City Police Swamp Police Starter Set. The most popular Sets are from LEGO, Disney and Hape. Sets from these brands usually cost about RM 20.00 to RM 9551.00.

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