Unconventional but certainly entertaining, blackboards and doodle boards are among the most popular toys for children today. Not only does it keep your child entertained, it also enhances their creativity. Find the best blackboards for kids in Singapore or read more about how it is the best toys for kids.


Find the Best Doodle boards and Blackboards in Singapore!

Aside from physical growth, kids ages 2 to 10 years old need cognitive development to function normally. There are many ways parents can enhance their kid's thinking and rational skills. Playing are just some of the many ways you can teach your kids creativity and critical thinking. Toys that enhances your kid's creativity and imagination play an important role in your kid's development. These toys doesn't have to be expensive nor hard to get, even as simple as blackboards or doodle boards would be a great tool to start with.

What are Blackboards and Doodle boards?

Blackboards and doodle boards are toys for kids which they can write, draw, and doodle. There are all sorts of blackboards and doodle boards available today. There are traditional blackboards where you can draw using chalk, whiteboards that kids can play with pens, even magnetic boards and sketchpads would work wonders with your kids. There are also boards that comes with shapes, sizes, and simple words and numbers.

Importance of Creativity in Play

Creativity enables us to solve problems, innovate, and explore new ideas. It is the key ingredient in critical thinking and ingenuity which has helped us in many areas in science and technology, mathematics and art. Moreover, children who express creativity exhibit higher self-esteem and motivation. There have been studies that as a child grows older, their creativity decreases. As parents, we would want to encourage them to be more creative to enhance their cognitive abilities. With the help of toys, you can encourage your children to be more creative at play.

With the help of blackboards and doodle boards, you are enabling them to think outside the box and express themselves. Through doodling, you are making creativity accessible to your child. It enables them to model new ideas and perspectives. It is also a great avenue for you and your child to bond. With a blackboard or doodle board, you can easily hang their art on walls and give value to their creation. These toys may be simple but they will definitely make an impact to their cognitive growth and development.

Shop for the Best Toys for your Kids in Singapore!

Creativity and development go hand in hand for growing children. Through toys and play, they can enhance and express themselves with as little as drawing a flower, rearranging furniture on a dollhouse, or even putting together pieces of building blocks. As parents, we need to assist our child and become their teacher. After all, creativity starts with the parent's choices and family culture. Help your child develop their cognitive abilities and creativity with the best doodle boards and blackboards in Singapore!