A simple yet entertaining material, play dough or play doh has been one of the all-time favorite toys for children. Not only does it enhance children’s motor skills, it also boosts their creativity. Find the best play doh sets for kids in Singapore or about how it is beneficial for kids.


Play doh Singapore: More Than Just A Toy

Providing toys that enhance motor development and creativity is one of the best things that parents can offer for their kids. A simple yet fun substance called play dough or play doh is one great example. Play doh has many wonderful benefits. Not only is it a great way for children to have lots of fun, but also it gives them a chance to get creative.

What is Play Doh?

Play dough or play doh is a fun and popular substance used by young children for leisure, art, and craft. It’s made up of salt, boric acid, mineral oil, water, and flour. Its popularity and ability to promote creativity made it in the Toy Industry Association’s “Century of Toy’s List”. It is believed to suit kids between the ages 3 and 5 the best as it can help develop their motor skills aside from their creativity and imagination.

Play doh Singapore: Promoting Motor and Cognitive Development

Motor Development

Play doh helps in the development of children’s motor skills by allowing them to perform activities such as rolling, squashing, flattening, and squishing. Also, it promotes learning of other small yet important tasks such as using a pencil, holding tweezers, and cutting with scissors.

Cognitive Development

Creativity and imagination are cognitive skills required for kids to function normally. With play doh, kids can mold a truck, house, alien, and anything they can think about; all it takes is a little imagination.

Play doh Singapore: Promoting Independence and Improving Social Skills

Children who play Play dough alone and create shapes by themselves are believed to have a better self-esteem and a heightened inclination for self-belief. It is also an advantage for kids to play Play doh with other kids as it develops their social skills which are important in life.

Play doh Singapore: Relaxing and Therapeutic

Play doh is relaxing and therapeutic as it is like a stress ball. It aids in easing tension by performing activities such as squashing and rolling of the dough. Doing such activities helps children improve focus and release excess energy.

Shop for affordable Play doh sets in Singapore

Now that you know the benefits of playing with play doh, you might be interested in getting one for your child. With play doh, kids can express themselves and improve their hand-eye coordination with as little as molding a car. Help your child develop their creativity and motor skills with the best play doh sets and clays in Singapore.