Art easels have been shown to help improve a child's cognitive, physical and communicative development while providing many hours of fun. Find out how a kid's easel can brighten your child's day here.


Get the Best Easels in Singapore for Your Child’s Early Development

When considering what to fill a nursery or a child’s playroom with, the easel is not the first item to come to mind. Yet the art easel has been known to yield many benefits for a child’s early development. It fosters opportunities for fun creativity but also helps the child to learn quickly.

The Benefits of Getting An Easel for Kids

Easels provide the perfect backdrop for your child to explore his or her creative, visual juices. With easels, children can experiment with visual elements and aesthetics, such as colour, pattern, space and proportion. In addition to oodles of fun, this activity will help your child develop physically and mentally as well, which is a sight better than sticking them in front of the television.

Physical and Kinaesthetic Development

Whether with a paintbrush or with chalk, drawing will help develop the small and large muscles in a child’s arm. It will also improve the child’s focus and hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive and Spatial Development

When painting, the child has to figure out how to draw shapes and then how to use these shapes to achieve the final picture he or she desires.

Improved Visual Communication

Visual arts is one of the most important forms of communications in life. Through creating their own visuals and trying to realise what they have imagined, a child experimenting on an easel will be able to learn and develop their visual communicative skills at an early age.

Types of Children’s Easels Available in Singapore

There are various easels for sale for children in the market. It would help to know the pros and cons of each before presenting it as a new addition to your children’s playroom since in all likelihood, you will be one doing the cleaning up.


Easels with dry-erase boards (a.k.a. whiteboards) are the most low-maintenance of the bunch. They are easy to clean and whiteboard markers are easy to replace should your child use them up quickly. Dry-erase boards, however, also offer the least tactile experience for your child.


Chalkboard easels can be messy simply because of all the chalk dust. But chalks on a board is a more tactile experience. Why is this important? Research shows that children learn better with mediums that offer more tactile stimuli. So if you want your child to learn his or her letters, it is better to for them to draw it on a chalkboard than on a dry-erase board.


The painting easel is the best option for creative expression. Your child will be able to play with various mediums, such as pencils, paints, and crayons, and benefit from the tactile experience and the visual stimuli of their vibrant colours. The downside of having a painting easel is the mess. With paints and crayons, you will need to supervise your child. On the plus side, you will be able to keep your child’s creative endeavour and put it up on the fridge.

Recommended Art Easels for Your Kids

Fundamentals Children’s Easel

This is the perfect starter-easel for your child. Made out of sturdy wood with a natural finish, it is a multi-purpose easel with a dry-erase board, a chalkboard, and paper rolls for painting. This easel is height-adjustable and foldable for easy storage.

Melissa and Doug Tabletop Kids Easel

The popular toy company, Melissa and Doug, have come up with an affordable double-sided easel which you can carry anywhere for your child. It’s made of durable wood and comes with a dry-erase board and chalkboard. Both boards are magnetic, so the easel doubles as a display stand for your child’s artwork.