Help your child to explore the art of paper crafting with glue in the form of glue sticks. Available in colourful packaging and pocket sizes, glue sticks enable your child to enjoy arts and crafts with paper anywhere. Read more about glue sticks below.


Glue Sticks – The Children-Friendly Adhesives

One of the easiest forms of arts and crafts that you can teach your children is those involving paper. You only need some basic stationery such as a pair of scissors and a glue stick and you can start creating your paper masterpiece!

Why Should Your Child Pick Up Arts at a Young Age

Arts and crafts are an enjoyable and educational pastime that should be introduced to your children. Not only do they enable your children to explore their creativity and imagination, but it also enables them to inculcate important values such as attention to details, concentration, and self-confidence. Moreover, research has shown that the human brain is the most potent during the adolescent period of our lives, so this is the best time for us to learn new skills and techniques such as arts and crafts, music, and sports.

Glue Sticks – Your Child’s Perfect Companion for Paper Crafts

Glue sticks are low-bonding adhesives compared to their other counterparts, but they are still capable of providing a permanent bond on various types of paper-based surfaces such as cardboard, form boards, and poster boards. Hence, they are best applied for simple art projects such as paper crafting and scrapbooking. Moreover, most of the glue sticks in the market come in colourful packaging and cutesy designs which make them instantly appealing to children.

Moreover, glue sticks are very easy to use. By just twisting the bottom part of the tube, the tip of the glue stick will be projected outwards from the glue container and can be immediately applied onto paper to paste them together. To keep the glue back into the container, simply turn the bottom of the glue tube the opposite way and the glue stick will automatically be kept back into the container.

Tips to Use Glue Sticks for Craft

Here are some tips and suggestions when using glue sticks so that you can gain better results for paper-related crafts:

  1. When using glue sticks, one should apply it vertically instead of at an angle to have a more even glue distribution. Moreover, glue sticks are soft so if you use it at an angle, it will cause that particular section to collapse and cave in, causing the glue stick to be deformed and leave glue all over the place, causing a big mess.
  2. Many people, especially children, tend to rotate the glue stick to full extension and then apply the glue. This is not advisable as it might cause the glue stick to break when too much pressure is applied. Instead, just rotate the glue until the tip to appear slightly above the top of the container and that will be sufficient for your gluing needs.
  3. When applying glue onto paper, the glue should be applied to the sides of the paper first instead of the middle part as this enables the glue at the sides to dry up slightly better and provide more adhesion.

Glue Sticks Now Available Online in Singapore

Glue sticks are easily available in most stationery stores in Singapore. However, if you do not want to go through the hassle of braving the legendary Singaporen traffic just for a glue stick, you can simply get it online on iPrice Singapore. YesStyle Singapore provides a wide variety of glue sticks in pocket-size and cute designs so that your children can carry them anywhere! You can also check out scissors and stickers on iPrice Singapore to complement your child’s paper crafts.