Get the best pastel colours in Singapore for your children here.

Derwent Faber-Castell

The Best Pastels for kids in Singapore

Colours add life and excitement into every perspective. Whether it’s a scene in a movie or the clothes we choose, the more the colours, the more cheerful we feel. The same can be said when it comes to children’s pastels. Given the right set of colour pastels, any child can become an artist. Here in Singapore, we want our children to have a colourful education. Give them pastels. You can find awesome pastel colours in Singapore online today! Check out the selection of pastels above or find out more with the links below.

Education is fun with colour pastels

As parents and educators, we know our children have short attention spans. Give them a task and within minutes, they’re wandering off topic. Try adding some colour into the learning process and watch their attention spike. Colour pastels are the range of drawing tools that create a safe space for your child to explore their artistic side. Encourage them to draw, shade, and colour scenes of their imagination down on paper. Push them to create a world for themselves in using a combination of colours to paint silhouettes from their perspective. Try out these few choices below:

  • Typo Chalk pastels 25pk
  • 12 colours PRO MASTERS soft Pastels Set for Colouring
  • Buncho Oil Pastels Small Size Sticks - 48 colours
  • MUNGYO Art Soft Pastel Set / Non-Toxic / Mini Half Size / 64 Colour

Pastels – safe for kids

Whenever we introduce something to children, we wonder if it will be used carefully. With pastels, you won’t have to worry. Most pastels are made from non-toxic materials. This means that kids below 5 years of age can use them too! Colour pastels also are easy to wash off and do not stain clothing or other surfaces. We would recommend that you allow them to use pastels under adult supervision as pastels can have pointed edges that may be harmful if used wrongly.

Now that you know more about pastels for kids, it’s time to shop online! You can find pastels online in Singapore with the huge selection above. Also look for other toys and creative items for kids such as painting supplies and stickers.