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Scissors & Craft Supplies Singapore – How to Make a Fold Mini Scrapbook?

Perfect as an anniversary gift for your significant other, a birthday present for your best friend or even as an appreciation present, you can fill each individual squares with pictures and notes in this tiny scrapbook! Versatile and really creative, I’ll be writing a step-by-step guide for you to complete this DIY.

Craft materials that you will need: scissors, colour paper, glue, cellophane tape, washi tape, colour pens, pencil and a strip of ribbon.

#1 Make the Frame

Start by tracing out a rectangle and dividing it into 3 square and equal sections. On the middle square, draw a square of the same size on the top and on the bottom. Each square should have the dimensions shown on the left. Cut the outline out with scissors and fold along the dotted lines.

#2 Make Pockets and Add a Flip Book

On a different colour paper, outline the dimensions shown on the right above and cut them out with a pair of scissors. For the smaller one, fold along the dotted lines and glue the side edges to the bottom of the first square leaving the opening upright. Repeat the same for the bigger pocket for the squares on the top and on the bottom of the second square but instead of facing upright, face it towards the right and to the left respectively.

For the Flip Book, cut 2-3 (7 x 7)cm of squares, staple them together in the middle of the top and secure them to the top of the second square. You can do this with craft materials like washi tapes. For the other flipbook, cut a long rectangle of (28 x 7)cm and fold it into half twice to get the outlines before folding each side up on top of each other to get something like a paper “spring”. Glue one side securely down on the middle of the last square.

#3 Make Pocket Flags

Trace out the dimensions on the right and cut them out with appropriate craft materials. (Make two each!) It is up to your discretion on which colour papers to use but try using different coloured ones so that you can tell the flags apart. These will be note flags that you can put into the side pockets that are above and below the second square. Stack these up and slide it into the pockets you just made.


Once you’re done with all the steps above, you can start decorating it! You can jot down notes or quotes on the pocket flags, put important dates on the middle flip book and even glue pictures on both sides of the “spring” flip book. Cut out tiny star or heart shapes to randomly stick on your handiwork or even use glitter pens to add a little extra sparkle! The possibilities are endless!

#5 Wrap it up with a Ribbon

After you’re happy with your handiwork, simply fold back the “spring” book and the remaining of it along the dotted lines and secure with a ribbon. Ta-daaaa! Your DIY flipbook is ready!

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