Make sure that your child plays in a protected environment at home with safety tapes that line the sharp edges of your home furniture. Read more about these safety tapes here.


Baby Safety Tapes – Ensuring A Safe Environment for Your Child’s Play Time

Your home is supposed to be the safest place for your children to enjoy their playtime. Spacious, comfortable, and familiar, your baby will feel safe when playing at home. However, our homes might not be as safe as they seem due to the sharp edges of the home furniture. If our children move around at home, they might bump into the sharp edges, causing unwanted accidents to happen such as cutting themselves and getting bruised. Thankfully, we now have edge and corner guard tapes that enable us to fix on the sharp edges. They are the perfect household solution to keep your making homes much safer for children to play in.

Eliminate Hard Edges with Soft and Easy-to-Fix Corner Guard Tapes

As parents, there is nothing more exciting than seeing babies start crawling or walking. However, as they start moving about, they are sure to fall or knock into things as they are still familiarizing to their surroundings and their sense of orientation is still unstable. Prevent your children from getting hurt by fixing corner guard tapes that your children might be exposed to such as table edges, chairs, and cabinets. These cushioned guards make the edges less sharp and hard, reducing the risk of your child getting injured.

What You Should Consider When Getting Corner Guard Tapes to Protect Your Babies

As parents, we want to make sure our babies are always safe and comfortable. Childproof your home and make your child at ease by installing guard tapes for sharp edges. Fixing corner guard tapes around our home furniture will ensure a more conducive environment for our babies to move about and play in, without worrying about them injuring themselves. These tapes reduce the risks of your children accidentally hurting themselves from bumping into sharp edges, whereas door and edge cushions prevent children from getting their fingers being closed on by doors. Here are some tips and tricks on how to properly install these protection tapes:

Make sure that you get good quality tapes

Most of these corner guard tapes are installed with double-sided adhesives, whereby one side sticks to the tapes and the other sticks to the object. Getting a good quality guard tape is important so that the adhesives are strong enough to secure tightly at the edges, as well as to ensure that the tape itself is well-cushioned to provide enough protection for your wondering baby.

Placement of the tapes is equally important

Before you fix the tapes around your house, you should take the time to plan on where you should install them. They should be placed at areas that your baby will usually be more accessible to such as the living room, bedroom, playroom, et cetera. These are the places that might cause your baby to most likely hurt themselves the most.

Guard Tapes Are Now Available Online in Singapore

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