Commonly found in the classrooms of Malaysia, whiteboards are also a popular toy amongst children. Not only can it keep your child entertained for hours, they can also help to improve your child’s creativity. Get the best whiteboards in Singapore and scroll below to find out why they make a great gift for your child.


Why whiteboards make a great gift for your kids

Research has proven that the most crucial time in a child’s mental development is when they are aged between 2 to 10 years old. This is the time when their cognitive abilities are developed by what they do at such a young age. One of the best ways for parents to improve their child’s creativity and mental abilities is by playing with toys. Whiteboards and doodle boards are good examples of toys that are inexpensive yet effective in helping to develop your child’s mental abilities. Here are reasons why toy whiteboards is the ideal gift for your child.

What you need to know about whiteboards

Whiteboards are toys that enable kids to draw and scribble on. They come in all shapes and sizes, most come with colourful frames to better attract children. It can also be placed on a wooden easel so that it will be easier for them to utilise the entire whiteboard for their artwork. Traditional whiteboards usually use whiteboard pens, but nowadays whiteboards also come in the form of magnetic boards and sketchpads. The boards are erasable so the scribbles are not permanent and the toys can be reused many times.

Improve Your Child’s Mental Growth

A child’s mental growth needs to be nurtured at a young age. Creativity and imagination are amongst key mental skills that your child should possess as they grow up. These skills enable them to think out of the box and help them to possess better problem-solving skills in the future. Children who are more creative are also more expressive and self-confident in their own capabilities. These are important traits when they gradually progress into their teens and later, adulthood. Toys such as whiteboards provide an avenue for children to exercise their creativity and observation skills while playing. While they are drawing on the whiteboards, it enables them to be imaginative and create something new based on their understanding of the world.

Strengthens Parent-Child Relationship

Sometimes, as parents, you might be too busy working to sustain your family that you unintentionally deprive your child of the attention they need. Whiteboards enable you to strengthen the relationship between you and your child. While drawing, your children might need some encouragement from their parents in terms of acknowledging their work, so you can always snap photos and keep them in an album or hang their drawings on the wall to show your support for their work. This will make them feel more confident to express themselves and it will also strengthen the bond between you and your child.

If you want to foster a better relationship with your child, you can also invest in drawing boards, painting supplies, and molding sticks.