Dolls have been timeless toys for kids and for years most children have created fantasy worlds for them. Check out a variety of dress-up dolls in Singapore and learn about the benefits of doll play below.


5 Benefits of Playing with Dolls for Children

Dolls are a representation of the child themselves which allows them to gain a better understanding towards themselves as well as those around them. Although dolls are toys that are mainly for girls, there is nothing wrong for little boys to play with dolls as studies have also shown positive attributes. Read below to learn about the benefits of doll play.

Boosts creativity

Kids are very imaginative and when they play with dolls, it brings them to a fantasy world while creating various interesting scenarios. This helps to develop a child’s imagination as they encounter creative, imagined situations with their dolls and other children.

Boosts brain development

Playing with dolls allows a child to improve their fine motor skills as well as cognitive ability. As they are given the freedom to be creative and imaginative as possible, the brain starts to expand. The more a child plays with a doll, the more the cognitive faculties will start to grow and blossom, in particularly with the ones related to the use of hands and fingers.

Discover the human body

It is never too early for children to learn about our bodies and how it functions. While playing with dolls they are able to learn about the different parts of the bodies as well as learn how to properly dress a doll. This, in turn, will lead them to learn about dressing themselves without the assistance from their parents. They may also learn about other self-help skills that revolve around the human body include eating, bathing, and potty training.

Enhance empathy and compassion

This social skill is important for a child to learn and when they play with dolls they learn how to process emotions such as empathy and compassion. Caring for a doll teaches them to be more responsible as well as empathize with those around them and allows them to grow up caring for people. It is also beneficial for brothers or sisters to be as it can be an excellent training tool that teaches them how to care for and love a baby.

Improve social skills

A child develops their social skills in their early developmental years and through doll play, it can help them learn to properly communicate as they “interact” with it. The daily interactions will help them become more effective communicators. Moreover, it can also be an avenue in which allows a child to mingle with other children better. These interactions will very much increase their communication and sharing skills.

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