Dolls are one of the first toys your children pick up during their tender years. Whether it's a barbie or ken doll or an action figure, playing pretend with this type of toys enhances your child's creativity. Check out the best doll costumes in Singapore or read more about how does pretend play enhances your child's cognitive development.


Make Pretend Play More Enjoyable with Doll Costumes in Singapore

Experiences in childhood play a crucial role in development unto adulthood. To enrich your child's creativity and imagination, playing must be encouraged by parents. There are a lot of underlying reasons why playing with your kids or providing them with toys is important for children. There are many ways you and your child can enjoy play with or without toys but among the best ways to do that is through dolls and playing pretend with them.

Why is Play Important in Children

Crucial in a child's development in terms of cognitive, behavioural, and social aspects, play is more than just keeping your kid entertained. What happens during his or her tender years would greatly affect your child's personality and cognitive skills in adulthood. This is why parents should always provide an avenue for children to be creative and to express themselves; this is where playing comes in.

In as simple as stacking blocks, recognizing shapes, doodling, and playing pretend, your child is learning, building his/her personality, thinking critically and creatively, and putting his/her imagination at play. Play enables a constant flow of stimulus from the brain, which enables learning while having fun at the same time.

There are other means to enhance a child's creativity such as doodle boards, blackboards, pretend play, costumes, etc. all you need to find out is what your kid wants and play with them to enhance their social and cognitive skills.

Grab the Best Doll Costumes in Singapore

Among the best ways to enhance your kid's creativity is through pretend play in the form of dolls. Not only will they be able to identify with the doll, they will also be able to create an imaginary world that's built exclusively for them. Moreover, you can keep them busy while you're working, home-making, or while on your car on your way to the daycare.

The best thing about doll costumes is that you can play with your kids! You can join them in their own world and play with their toys just as you would as a kid. Not only is it fun, it also helps secure the bond between parent and child as well as enhance social interaction.

If your child has siblings, doll costumes are also an amazing way to enhance their play. Like with parents, it helps create a bond between siblings and enhance each other's social skills. If your child has a doll, encourage play by grabbing the best doll costumes in Singapore! Shop for the hottest doll costumes in Singapore at iPrice!

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