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4 Tips and Tricks for Dressing Your Dolls

Dressing your doll is not rocket science but having a know-how can help you do it with ease. If you’re having a hard time donning fashion costumes and accessories on your dolls, then keep in mind the following points.

Dress them up from below

To dress your dolls, slide up the clothes over their legs and hips. This is much easier compared to pulling the clothes over their heads. However, there are clothing like vintage Barbie sweaters that you need to pull over the head. In that case, just insert a tiny plastic bag over the doll’s head and hair, then pull the sweater gently. Doing so will prevent you from taking off the doll’s head which can cause damage if done frequently.

Slip a plastic bag over the doll’s hands

Aside from putting a plastic bag on the head, it’s also important to cover the doll’s hands when you slip a tight dress on it. This is in order to prevent the doll’s fingers from catching lace trimmings or sleeves. To make the hands of the doll come out of the sleeves, just prod the tip of your pinkie finger into the sleeve to allow the doll’s fingers to go past it. This procedure works too for the doll’s legs if you are trying to slip a pair of tight pants.

Be patient when putting on stockings

If the doll is made of hard plastic then it is easier to put stockings on its legs. Otherwise, you need to be patient when putting stockings on soft-bodied dolls. To put stockings on your doll’s legs, first, get a blunt object, say, the tip of a make-up brush. Use it to turn the stocking inside out. Next, slip the end of the stocking on the doll’s toe and roll it up the leg. Then, continue to pull and adjust the stocking until it provides a secure fit.

Do not store your dolls with their earrings on

Many vintage Barbie dolls wear earrings that can cause discoloration on the ear and side of the head if not removed. This is due to a chemical reaction between the metal material in the earrings and the plastic body of the doll. Fortunately, it can be eliminated or lessened by, first, removing the doll’s head from its body. Once you remove the head, apply a cotton swap dipped in facial cleanser to the stained area. When treating the stain, make sure to avoid the doll’s face to prevent removing its make-up and features. Then, allow the cleanser to dry. Repeat the procedure until the stains are gone.

Use generic acne cream or Clearacil to remove stains

When dealing with stains on the bodies of dolls, just apply a small amount of Clearacil or any generic acne cream on the affected areas. Then, cover your doll in plastic for 2 days. After that, check if the stain is eliminated. In most cases, the stain is lifted after 2 days; however, if it’s a darker stain, it may take up to 2 weeks.

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