Aside from being a fun activity, singing in kids have far more important roles in development such as language and creativity. Check out karaoke toys in Singapore for your children or read more below why is singing important for your kids.


Why is Singing Important for Children

In all aspects of adult life, music and singing play an important role in entertainment, arts, celebrations, and even in faith and worship. For children, however, it's an entirely different story. While it is our instinct to sing to our children to calm or soothe them, encouraging your kids to sing opens up a great avenue for creativity, expression, cognitive development, language, and so much more. Who knew singing to your children could have a great impact their growth?

In a study done by the University of Southern California's Brain and Creativity Institute, musical experiences in childhood such as singing can jumpstart brain development as well as language acquisition and reading skills. Music, especially when playing a musical instrument can help improve their analytical and mathematical skills. It also helps with memory and even with your child's social skills.

Phonics and Singing

Another thing about singing and music is learning phonics in children. Phonics is a way to teach children that specific sound can have an equivalent alphabet. Through phonics, everyone learns how to read and the write. For example, phonics teaches us that the letter "b" has a "buh" sound or that the letter "a" sounds like "ey" or "ah". It also teaches more complex pronunciations such as hard and soft letter sounds. While it may sound simple to us adults, it can be a little difficult for children to understand and memorize everything. However, with the help of singing, learning phonics is made easier. Since most children learn through imitation and repetition, singing helps them understand and understand it well.

This is why learning nursery rhymes as toddlers and playing singing games for preschoolers are essential. Through constant repetition and memorization, children learn full words and use it according to what they have learned through the song. As time goes by, they learn to break it apart, put it back together, and consciously be aware of what they mean.

How to Encourage Singing in Children

Singing for children is an essential tool to learn, express, and explore the world. As parents, it is important for us to encourage our children to sing. In an early age, infants can respond to music and singing by swaying or bouncing. Toddlers find entertainment through singing, especially through silly songs, while schoolchildren can learn to sing together with a class or even pick up an instrument.

Singing with your kids is the best way to encourage them to follow suit. Be as creative and as participative as you can be by singing them their favorite nursery rhymes and introducing rhythm and movement such as dancing. Moreover, expose them to toys that produce sound and a melody that they can sing to. Get your kids into music with music players and karaoke toys online!