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Music Players

Encourage your children to excel in music and before you know it, you have raised the next Beethoven or Mozart. Your kid doesn't have to be a prodigy to learn the basics of playing an instrument. Check out the best music players for kids below or read more about why you should expose your children to music.


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7 Reasons Why you Should Expose your Kids to Music

As they say, music is a universal language. People of all ages can understand and recognize a tune regardless of where you're from or the color of your skin. For kids, it is a great hobby, a way to express themselves, and improve their cognitive abilities. Here are seven reasons why you should expose your kids to music:

It's a great form of expression

Like any other art form, music is a way of expression. It provides kids with an avenue to express their feelings through elements of music. Slow tempos are usually an indication of sadness while upbeat songs are for happy emotions. If you have a problem understanding your child's emotions, get them hooked on music to better communicate what they feel.

It provides an avenue for creativity

Encouraging your children to learn music at an early age boosts their creativity which is an indication of cognitive development. Many child psychologists tie creativity with better problem-solving and critical thinking skills. If you want your kids to be smart, music is the best way to cater to their creativity.

It teaches discipline

Proper discipline in children can be a little bit hard to teach. By exposing them to music, they are able to learn discipline in ways such as through practice and pursuing excellence in the craft. Moreover, discipline can also be taught in proper instrument care as well as sticking to practice schedules.

It teaches patience

Today, we live in a world of instant gratification but with music, having patience is the key to success, especially for children. Music teaches your children that before you can be a great musician, you have to practice and practice takes patience. Moreover, playing with an orchestra or with a band helps teach your kids to wait their turn to play, otherwise, it would all be chaos.

It helps improve memory

Aside from fostering their creativity, music in children also enhances their memory. According to Maestro Eduardo Marturet from the Miami Symphony Orchestra, "Further research has shown that participation in music at an early age can help improve a child's learning ability and memory by stimulating different patterns of brain development".

It helps them socialize

Apart from helping children express themselves, music can also help them socialize. Music is a great way to start a conversation with others and it also improves their social skills. Either playing in a band or with an orchestra, your kid can hone better communication skills and better team players compared to those who don't pick up an instrument at an early age. Great social skills also equate to confidence.

Get your kids started with music using music players and musical instruments!