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Tips for Washing Stuffed Electronic Pets in Singapore

Washing stuffed electronic pets do seem easy but it can be tricky though. If it’s your first time washing these stuffed animals, it’s normal that you’re not sure whether to put them in the washer. Or use a regular detergent or a specialty product to wash them. But worry not because below are simple tips to help you wash these stuffed toys.

Do not wash them all the time

This is one of the best things you can do to keep your stuffed animals in mint condition. The less you put them in the washer, the longer they will look new. After you wash the stuffed animals several times, they may appear very clean but you may see that their crisp, new look fades.

Do not wash your stuffed electronic pet in the washer if…

There are things you should consider before putting your stuffed toys in the washer. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

  • Avoid putting electronic pets in the washer if they contain music boxes inside.
  • Do not put extremely old and fragile stuffed toys in the washer.
  • Electronic pets with items glued on like sequins are not ideal for washing. But if they come with glued-on eyes then that’s alright since they can endure washing.
  • If the stuffed animal has fragile clothing items that can’t be removed, then better dry clean it. Also, ones with glittery, net type dresses or fragile little crowns should not be washed.

How to Wash Electronic Pets in the Washing Machine

  • Before putting your stuffed animals in the washer, first, you need to examine them carefully. Take note if there are parts that need to be removed or strings that need to be secured.
  • Some electronic pets in Singapore are similar to pillows which can be laundered in the washer as long as it doesn’t have an agitator. Keep in mind that washing them in a washer with an agitator can make them ball up.
  • After you determine that your stuffed animal can be washed, put it in a mesh laundry bag. This shields the toy from snagging or being thrashed around too much in the washer.
  • When washing electronic pets, always use the gentle/delicate cycle. This is because they can’t endure a more aggressive washing.
  • You can go with a warm or cool wash but avoid using hot water. If the electronic pet has items glued on, the hot water might remove some of the glue.
  • After you finish rinsing your stuffed animals in cold water, pour a little amount of fabric conditioner. A fabric conditioner with a pleasant baby-fresh scent is the ideal choice. Then, squeeze the toy several times until all the excess water is squeezed out.
  • After you wash your stuffed animals, take them out of the bag and hang them dry. Hang them using clamp hanger. Leave them to dry for up to 24 hours. Once they are dry, use a hairdryer on a mild setting to fluff the stuffed animal back again.
  • When it comes to how often you need to wash your electronic pets, you can do it once every three months or once you see the toy looks very dirty.