At first glance, robot toys look like simple toys. However, they are great as part of your display collection. At the same time, there are interactive robot toys that offer both educational and entertainment value. Read more about robot toys in Singapore below to find out.


Top Tried & Tested Robot Toys that You Must Get

Capturing our imagination since young, robots are probably one of the most enduring concepts that offer a lot of inspiration. Whether you can find robots in popular culture or real-world applications, everyone agrees that robots are really a fascinating subject. It is incredible to see how people can have keen interests on automatons or artificial intelligence in some cases.

Given the fact that there are tons of robot toys in the market, it can be daunting to get the one that suits you perfectly. After all, different people will have different like or dislike about a particular robot design. Yet, there is a guide that can help you to get started. It is time to embrace the rise of the machines. Hence, this is a list of top tried and tested robot toys that you must get.

Transforming Robot Toys

At first glance, the robot toys are usually about transforming robot toys which you can switch them to their alternate forms. Aside from that, they are great as part of your display collection.


Needless to say, it is obvious that it will be incomplete without the mention of the iconic Transformers. More than meet the eyes, the amazing Transformers series features a rich cast of transforming robots which can transform into vehicles and even animals as well. From the heroic Optimus Prime to the malevolent Megatron, this series always boasts each character that everyone loves to get. In other words, there is a lot of amazing character designs that you can choose from.

Whenever someone mentions about the Transformers series, there is a strong nostalgic feeling that accompanies with it. While there are newer animated series or live action movies, most people fondly remember about the original animated series in the 1980s.


Hailing all the way from South Korea, it is incredible to see another successful robot toy brand that is able to keep the interest in the transforming robots growing. Unsurprisingly, the popularity of Tobot soars with its successful animated television series with the same name. As a matter of fact, the Tobot series is so popular that its production is unable to keep up with the growing demand. In some cases, some Tobot products actually sold out. Impressively, it also beats Lego in South Korea despite being a homegrown brand.

Another highly appealing aspect about Tobot products is that it features some transforming cars that are designed after Kia Motor vehicles. Even Kia fans are also amazed at the quality and the likeness of Tobot models to Kia Motor cars and trucks.

Interactive Robot Toys

When you talk about interactive robot toys, people always think of WALL-E. At the same time, there are many interactive robot toys that you can enjoy playing with. More than just a toy, these amazing robots also offer as a great learning and education tools that your child can learn and play at the same time. In a simpler term, the interactive robot toys are like moving and breathing computers for your kids.


Meet the interactive robots from MiP (aptly named Mobile Inverted Pendulum) that everyone has been talking about. MiP offers its signature robot toy that has emotions. Thanks to its countless audio responses and interactive games, you will have an awesome time of interacting with the MiP robot.


As one of the most popular interactive robot toy brands in the market, Meccano is also a model construction system that features some robots that you can build and program for your own fun and adventure. With its simple instruction, anyone (even as old as 7 year old) can put together a Meccano robot model which can be personalized according to your needs.