Why do you buy toys for your kids? Are they simply to entertain them? Do you know that some toys are created that can help your kid’s learning experiences? These learning toys are both fun and helpful in their development and growth. Know more about these toys here.


Learning Toys – Enriching kids’ learning experiences

One thing that is common in all kids is they all love playing around. No matter if they have toys or not, their active mind will allow them to create their own toys out of any item that is around them. When it comes to toys, we simply head out to the great world of toy stores and just get anything within reach, no matter if that toy sings, dances, makes noises or even with buttons with bright light that can be pushed. But that is not really the way to get your precious one their toys.

You need to consider how these toys can help in their development and growth. After all, we all want our kids to have a collection of toys that are fun and educational that will surely enrich their learning experience even more.

Learning Toys – The greatest impact on kids’ development

The toys that we choose to buy for our kids can make a difference in their development. Being presented opportunities to see, play with and experience specific materials will present different challenges, require different skill sets and cover different learning areas. Children can learn from any toy, (or anything they deem to be a toy), but the amount, depth and breadth of the learning depends on the interaction between the child and it, and the type of opportunities the toys provide. Further learning can also occur when the child plays cooperatively with peers or adults.

Learning Toys – The many different types

There are just so many different type of learning toys out there in the market and can be divided into a couple of groups, depending on what part you would like to see your child develop. So, do consider these when you decide to get learning toys.

  • Toys that build physical and muscle development – wagons, bikes, boxes, puzzles, blocks, brooms, shovels etc.
  • Sensory toys that helps in understanding touch, sight, sound, taste and smell – water toys, musical instruments, bubbles, play doughs and sand toys
  • Make believe toys are especially great for social development – dolls, dress-up clothes, cars, trucks, board-games and books.
  • Toys that enhances the creative and intellectual development – clay, crayons, paints, books, paper and scissors.

Learning Toys – Age to age guide

What is the best learning toys for infants and toddlers? Do you know that both their toys cannot be the same if you want to enrich their learning experiences? Because we know how confusing this can get, here a simple choosing the best learning toys guide.

  • 0 – 12 months – For the first three months, there is nothing much your baby can do other than observe her/his surroundings. Due to their blurry vision, the best item that they can see would be bright and boldly patterned items. As they grow, they would also enjoy toys that enhances their other senses as well. Best toys - Brightly colored, multi-patterned crib mobiles, rattles, unbreakable mirrors, floor gyms, activity boards, soft, washable colourful stuffed animals and small stuffed fabric balls.
  • 1-2 years old – Your precious one will be extra fascinated by cause and effect and will enjoy any toys that responds to their actions. At the same time, they make full use of their newly acquired motor skills. Best toys – stacking rings, nesting cups, push- or pull-toys that make noise or have pieces that pop up or move, hammering sets that let kids hammer pegs or balls through holes, musical instruments like tambourines, drums, or maracas, shape sorters, puzzles with four or five pieces and large play vehicles like school bus or a fire engine.
  • 2-3 years old – your child’s play is now more purposeful, they make full use of their fine motor skills to complete a puzzle or build blocks by themselves. At this age, these kids will enjoy pretend play that imitates the action of those around them. Best toys – Dolls or stuffed animals, toy telephone, tea party set, a toy kitchen, ride-on toys, musical instruments, large transportation toys with buttons and puzzles, construction toys that snaps together.
  • 4 to 5 years old - here's a tremendous explosion in learning ability at this age, and it's a good time to introduce interactive educational toys that teach math and verbal skills. Best toys – art supplies and craft kits, block of different shapes, electronic phonic toys, puzzles of greater complexity, action figures, board games that does not require any reading.
  • 6 years and older- Your child is developing his own interests while learning from both their teachers and peers. Some kids like doing science experiments (with your help); others love making beaded jewelry or playing with dolls. Best toys – remote control cars, basic science kits, craft kits, game boys, computer and video games.

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