Despite its effectiveness, flash cards are one of the most underestimated tools used in a child's early education. Read more here to discover how flash cards can help children learn.

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Flash Cards Singapore: The Most Underestimated Tool in Early Education

Flash cards have long been an essential tool for learning. Language teachers from all around the world use it to help introduce and practice new words with their students. But put aside the image of the student poring over bland revision cards. Nowadays, there are flash cards for kids, specially designed with bright colours and varied shapes in order to stimulate and develop their learning abilities. Good flash cards are actually the quickest way to help children with comprehension and memorization. While you can find many flash cards online, it is best to have them in physical form as children can learn and remember better if they have a tactile experience to add to the visual. Without further ado, here is a list of flash cards you should consider getting for your toddler.

3 Flash Cards in Singapore to Reinvigorate Your Toddler’s Education

Alphabet Flash Cards

Alphabet flash cards come in several forms: either with the letters of the alphabet emblazoned in jumbo size across the cards or as blocks cut out in the shape of the letters.

Pros: Playing with alphabet flash cards will allow your child to grow more familiar and comfortable with letters. Once they can recognise letters, they will be able to form basic words and then sentences.

Tips: Magnetic letters for fridges can also help with letter recognition.

Number and Math Flash Cards

Numbers and math confuse even the best of adults sometimes. Use number flash cards to give your child a visual aid as you teach him or her to count from one to ten to a hundred.

Pros: Once your child has mastered their numbers, you can bring in a set of math flash cards for early hands-on arithmetic practice.

Tips: Support your child’s developing arithmetic skills with mathematic toys for better confidence with numbers. That way, your child will not fear multiplication, division, or even fractions in the classroom.

Vocabulary Flash Cards

Vocabulary flash cards are probably the most fun of the bunch. With vocabulary flash cards, you can start introducing your child to objects and concepts and help their understanding of the world expand. Students utilise flash cards to memorise new vocabulary even well into their adult years, thus proving its efficacy.

Pros: Playing with the vocabulary flash cards in their own time will allow toddlers to recycle the words over and over again, thus ingraining them further into memory. This is true whether the child is a slow or fast learner.

A Final Argument for Flash Cards Singapore

Flash cards are a simple, versatile and an often underexploited tool. With children, the most difficult aspect of teaching is grabbing and keeping their attention. Flash cards can do both. Toddlers, especially those who are visual learners, respond best to bright and colourful images. Since flash cards for toddlers are designed to be so, it is a good way to entertain a child while encouraging them to enjoy the process of learning.