As kids, we have that one toy that made our childhood. Seeing this toy run out of batteries was one of the most painful childhood memories. With the advancement of technology and research on solar power, toy manufacturers had created solar-powered toys that would never run out of batteries! Check out the best solar-powered toys in Singapore or read more about how it works.


Solar Power - The Future of Toys

With the endless possibilities of solar energy, toy manufacturers had found an eco-friendly solution to batteries. With the use of tiny solar panels, toys can now obtain power from the sun; as long as the sun shines, your toys would have a reliable power source to function. There's a great deal of solar-powered toys in the market. Among the most common ones are the dancing plants and waving hula girls that are commonly spotted on vehicles. However, there are also other types of solar-powered toys such as crawling insect one and mini toy trucks.

How Do Solar-Powered Toys Work?

Solar-powered toys and novelties are almost similar to usual toys in terms of its electronic system except for the power source. Since solar-powered toys harness the power of the sun, they can function for longer periods of time compared to battery-powered ones. Aside from that, it is also relatively cost-effective since you don't have to buy batteries every now and then. This type of toy offers a unique experience for kids and adults alike.

The Power Source

What sets solar-powered toys apart from others is its power source. Since these toys harness the power of the sun, it virtually functions forever or at least until one of the parts break down. Solar energy has been known to be a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution, especially if your kids use a lot of batteries when playing with their toys.

The Circuit

What comprises a solar-powered toy are small solar panels, a capacitor, an air core, an inductor/pulse coil, a magnet, and a circuit board with a black blob. Underneath this black blob is an integrated chip that correctly timed pulses to the coil and magnet; think of it as an oscillator. The circuit pulses the coil causing the magnets to swing, allowing the transformation of solar energy to electrical energy, and finally to kinetic energy.

The Moving Parts

What makes solar-powered toys unique is that it is constantly in motion. Like the novelty hula girl and dashboard plant, these toys have moving parts thanks to its unique circuitry. Magnets attached to the circuitry is also attached to the toy's plastic parts. When synchronized, these parts move in a repetitive motion. As long as there is power, these moving parts will never stop moving.

Solar-powered toys are the future of toy manufacturing. Aside from having its own power source, there are also endless possibilities and improvements to the circuitry enabling the toy to do more motions than just up and down or side to side. Check out the hottest solar-powered toys at iPrice!