A toy does not have to be expensive for a child to play during their early developmental years. It can be a simple item such as coloured balls. Get all types of toy balls in Singapore and read below on the learning activities it can be used for.


Fun Activities for Children using Toy Balls

There is nothing more entertaining than seeing your baby or toddler playing with a ball. These inexpensive toys are the perfect solution to keep your child busy for hours. If you are looking for ideas to liven up your child’s playtime, here are a few learning activities that can be done with toy balls.

Encourage different sensory experience

Make use of balls with a variety of textures to ideally allow your child to explore the feeling of each ball. It can be any ball that could be found around the house such as football, rubber ball, plush ball, and so on. Ensure the toy is safe for them to use and has no choking hazards.

Roll a ball back and forth

Babies tend to be drawn to bouncy balls and they may get too excited and throw the ball instead. So the best way to bond with your child is to let them sit in one spot while you roll the ball back and forth. This is a great way for very young children to work on their balance. Parents should also make sure to work with their child as much as possible to keep the ball on the ground.

Throw the ball

After working with the rolling activity, you can try throwing the ball while your child catches it. It would be better to start with a larger ball as they would have more success in catching it, while improving their eye-hand coordination. As your child grows older, you can work towards smaller balls.

Knock down a tower

A similar concept to rolling the ball back and forth is the bowling game. Simply build a block tower or stack empty bottles while your child knocks or throws the ball towards the objects. This activity is an exciting experience for your children as it may be a new way to knock over items. If you do not encourage throwing items around the house, you may carry this activity outdoors.

Identify that ball

You may set up a variety of balls and have them name the different type of balls. However, if your child is still too young to identify the ball, they may name them by colour only.

Solo throw and catch

Once your child has mastered the above-mentioned activities, he/she can learn to throw and catch the ball alone. Firstly, demonstrate the throw and catch motion to them and let them have a go at it. Be prepared for the ball to go everywhere, but once they get the hang of it, they may continue doing the activity without assistance.

Allow your child to experience and enjoy various kinds of toys such as kites, remote control vehicles, tricycles and so much more to allow their childhood to be filled with fun and laughter.