As we grow older, we tend to forget how much fun it can be playing outdoors. Let your child experience the joy of playing outdoors with kites in Singapore and scroll below to learn more about the benefits.


The benefits of kite-flying for your child

Nowadays, children tend to stay at home playing video games on their consoles or online than going outdoors to carry out activities. Gone were the days when you can see children playing with their siblings or friends outdoors, except maybe in the countryside or in rural areas in Singapore. These children do not realize all the fun that they are missing out not playing outdoors. Let your children experience the fun of playing outdoors by buying them kites in Singapore.

Encourages your child to go outdoors

Growing up in Singapore, we had so many nostalgic games that we played outdoors as children. From attempting to throw glass marbles into a circle on the sand to hide-and-seek and chasing one another, to flying kites; these are among the children's’ favourite pastimes. Unfortunately, with the emergence of modern technology, children nowadays are more reluctant to play outdoors as they are too engrossed in playing video games instead. A good way to encourage them to leave the house and play outdoors is through the use of kites. Unlike many other toys, kites are toys that can only be played outdoors, best when it is slightly windy. It is always fun and satisfying to see your kite soaring high in the sky and your child should experience kite-flying as part of his/her childhood. It is also advisable to get the right kite accessories to ensure a great kite-flying experience.

Why Every Child Should Have a Kite

You might not realize this but flying kites are not all about fun and play, they also have additional benefits. Here are some reasons why every child should own a kite.

Parent and Child Bonding Time

Flying a kite should be easy – all you need is just wind to blow your kite upwards towards the sky, even a kid can do it! Unfortunately, that is wrong; flying a kite is much harder than it seems. Not only does your child need to learn when to release or tug the kite string for your kite to soar higher, they also need to learn how to maneuver a kite so that it will not fly towards trees and other suspended objects that it might get entangled in. This will require the child to seek guidance from his/her parents, so this is a good way for you to bond with your child, strengthening your parent-child relationship. It also helps them boosts creativity, which helps your child to think creatively.

Teach Your Child that Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to flying kites, it is hard to get it right on the first time. Multiple attempts might be needed in order to even lift the kite towards the air. This process can indirectly enable your children to learn about important values such as patience and not giving up.