Is your child spending too much time indoors? More than just a toy, scooters are the perfect companion for your child to explore the joy of outdoor life. Find out more about scooters for your children below.


Why You Should Buy Your Child a Scooter

In this digital era that we are living in, children are surrounded by digital devices that cause them to live a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. By spending time outdoors, your child will be learning more about the world around him as well as enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.

One of the best ways to create interest in your child to explore the outdoors and be involved in healthy activities is by getting them a scooter. Like cycling, riding a scooter can be a very fun and engaging experience for your child whilst encouraging them to have an active lifestyle. Here are some reasons why you should buy your child a scooter:

Scooters are Fun!

Scootering is a fun way for your child to get fresh air and enjoy the interesting sights and sounds around them. Your children will enjoy the sensation of gliding over pavement with the wind in their hair. Using also avoids the less desirable elements of walking such as sore feet and tired legs. It is quite hard for your child to get bored when he or she is riding a scooter!

Develop Healthy Physical Growth

Obesity amongst Singaporen children is at a worrisome rate as the children nowadays are developing unhealthy living habits. They tend to stay indoors and are uninterested to be involved with physical activities. A good way to encourage your children to start exercising is by riding scooters. Riding scooters enables them to improve their basic motor skills and coordination between different parts of the body. Moreover, your child can also develop muscle mass which in turn increases his or her metabolism.

Builds Self-Confidence

Balance is important to manoeuvre a scooter well. When your child has managed to develop the balance needed to handle a scooter, he or she will become more confident. As a parent, you can set attainable goals and simple challenges for your kids to boost their self-confidence further. By successfully achieving these goals, such as riding around the entire park, builds a child’s sense of accomplishment and competence.

Enhance Cognitive Development

Kids like to make their own decisions and thinking for themselves. With scootering, children are given the freedom independence to develop and implement their ideas. Exploring on a scooter also gives children opportunities to explore their capabilities and build their imagination and creativity. Moreover, when your child rides his or her scooter, it enables your child to begin developing a sense of curiosity in comprehending the world.

Learn Importance of Safety

Riding scooters can also teach children the importance of safety. Children will most likely fall when they learn how to ride a scooter. By taking safety measures such as wearing helmets and other protective gear to prevent your children from getting hurt, your kids will learn the importance of protecting their bodies and the consequences of not doing so.

Besides scooters, you can also check out other forms of toy vehicles such as tricycles, pedal cars, and bikes to encourage your children to come outdoors.