The seesaw is a classic feature of the Singaporean playground and a surefire source of hours of fun for your children. If you’re considering whether or not getting a seesaw for your little ones is a good idea, click here.


Seesaws Singapore - Fun for the Whole Family

Do seesaws really need an introduction? Everyone has been to a playground and have encountered one in some form or another. Sadly, seesaws are facing a decline in popularity due to heightening safety standards. But just because the local playground has decommissioned seesaws doesn’t mean your child has to do without.

Five Times You Will Not Regret Getting a Children’s Seesaw

1. When You Have More Than Two Children

The moment you have more than two children is the moment you and your spouse are outnumbered and babysitting starts to resemble an Olympic sport. In this event, having a seesaw will aid in managing the situation. Stick two children on a seesaw and let it occupy them while you and your spouse can handle the third child together. Or if you have just two children, playing on the seesaw is a good activity that will free up time for you and your spouse some peace to prepare dinner.

2. When You Are Tired

Seesaws are a toy that requires minimum engagement to enjoy. If you are tired from a day of work or a night without sleep, all you have to do is put your toddler on one end of the seesaw and occupy the other seat yourself. From there on out, you can simultaneously zone out and spend quality bonding time with your child.

3. When Your Friends Bring Their Children Over

Whether or not you have children yourself, a seesaw would come in handy if and when entertaining friends with offspring. The children can congregate around the seesaw set and free your friend up for a proper chat. In addition to that, if you have nieces and nephews, owning a seesaw set would make you the cool aunt or uncle. It’s a win-win.

4. When Your Children Grow Up

They might be off to university, or they might have moved away because of work. But whenever you stare at seesaw buried under that broken kite next to that abandoned tricycle, you’ll remember all the good times you spent on it with your children.

5. When You First Bring It Home

And your child’s eyes grow wide upon realising what you’ve just purchased. The best feature of the playground is now standing in the yard of the house. The seesaw might cost a pretty penny but a child’s joy is priceless.

Find the Best Seesaws in Singapore at iPrice

So if you’re starting to think that children’s seesaws are worth the investment, take a look at the range available in Singapore today. It’s not terribly common to commercial playground equipment, which means that if you get one now, you will be the envy of children everywhere in your neighbourhood. Whether you get a bright, colourful plastic seesaw or an old-fashioned rustic wooden seesaw, the children will be equally delighted.