Choosing among a vast selection of skateboards in Singapore may leave you confused. However, if you are patient enough to follow the tips below, you will surely get the best one that suits your needs. Click here to read more.


4 Tips for Choosing a Skateboard in Singapore

The task of purchasing a skateboard in Singapore can be tough as there are a lot of options. This is true especially to new skateboarders looking for the ultimate skateboard. Whether you are a rookie or an old-timer, here are a couple of things you should know to buy the right skateboard for you.

Choose your skateboard

First off, you’ll face a choice between going for a skateboard that you will build on your own or buying one that has already been assembled (or a complete skateboard). There’s no correct choice because both setups are fine. However, if you are a new skateboarder, then you’d better get a complete skateboard. If you want to assemble your own skateboard, you can purchase the parts of the skateboard you’ve selected and put them all together or ask a skateboard mechanic at the shop to help you assemble it for you.

Know your dimensions

Another thing to consider when it comes to skateboards is the dimensions. Getting the correct shape and size is not really imperative, especially for new skaters. This is because they don’t know what they want yet. If you are new to the skateboarding scene, there is a skateboard deck sizing chart that you can check online or in a skateboard shop. The chart will help you figure out the right length for your skateboard according to your height. In terms of width, it depends on the size of your feet. A typical skateboard is at 7.5” to 8” wide. If you have small feet, you should get a narrower skateboard deck. Otherwise, get a wider one.

Pick a good set of wheels

Wheels contribute a lot to the skater’s riding experience as they influence stability and speed. Among the parts to spend on, wheels are one of your priorities. If you decide to go for a build-your-own skateboard, purchase high-quality wheels. Skateboard wheels come in various features and sizes and are typically made of polyurethane. If you want a steady ride on uneven street surfaces, then go for larger wheels. They also provide comfort and safety. Moreover, wheel’s durability or hardness is another factor to consider when looking for a set of wheels. Since wheels are subject to falls when doing skateboard stunts, then you need a hard set of wheels that can absorb a great deal of impact when hitting the ground.

Select good quality

Buying a skateboard that is not the perfect size or shape is not that big of a problem. What new skaters should be wary about is getting a complete skateboard that is inferior quality-wise. Such skateboards are sold in some brick and mortar retail stores. That’s why it’s imperative to check the build and the stability of the skateboard to not end up hurting you or your children. If you buy a skateboard online, always read the reviews and their authenticity as fake reviews are rampant these days.

There are also several types of boards depending on what riding experience you want. If you want to cruise the streets, Penny skateboards would be a great buy. There are also longboards built for speed and the usual trick boards. If you want to get into skateboarding, you would need a good board and a pair of skate shoes to start! Nike SB, HUF, and Adidas has some of the best skate shoes for beginners and professionals!