Roller skates in Singapore come in various types and designs. If you are in the market for one, here is a short guide to help you choose the right roller skates or check out the latest roller skates below!


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The Different Types of Roller Skates and How to Choose Them

If you are new to the skating world, you might probably wonder what type of skates would you choose and the difference between various types. This short guide will answer these questions and will help you get the right skates for you.

Inline Skates

This is the most popular type of roller skates, which come in three types: (1) recreational, (2) racing, and (3) roller hockey skates. Recreational skates are roller skates designed for outdoor use where you can exercise as well as cruise on the streets. These skates sport a high-top boot with maximum foot and ankle support. Racing inline skates are skates designed to go fast that fits as close to your foot as possible for the least amount of wind resistance. And lastly, roller hockey skates are used for roller hockey. Instead of ice, roller hockey players can use inline skates to play the sport.

Indoor Skates

Also referred to as recreational skates or artistic skates, indoor skates in Singapore are a type of roller skates which are used on rinks with hard wheels for doing tricks and spins. They come with high-top boots for maximum control and jumps and narrow wheels for easy turning and maneuverability.

Speed Skates

As its name suggests, speed skates are capable of accelerating and gaining speed at a rapid rate. They feature low-cut shoes or boots which fit like tennis shoes which help with turning and allow for a wider range of movement. For this reason, it’s a popular choice among dance skaters and speed skaters since they can move freely while accelerating speed.

Roller Derby Skates

Derby skates can withstand rigorous use and can cruise high speeds. Plus, they are durable, fast, and easy to maneuver, making them the ideal skates for beginners. Roller Derby skates are popular since the 30s and have been a choice for many skating professionals who need flexibility and speed.

Outdoor Skates

Outdoor skates are built specifically for the outdoors which have a low- and high-cut versions. Since the pavement outside is not as smooth as the indoors, outdoor skates are equipped with soft wheels which allow for a seamless ride over rough pavement.

How to Choose the Right Roller Skates

For fitness

If you are going to use the roller skates for training or racing, then go for speed skates as they come with larger wheels and a light build. With these features, they are perfect for long distance sessions and on various skating surfaces.

For recreation

Inline skates that are designed for recreation can let you cruise on bike paths and public parks with ease. Make sure you choose one that has an external support structure and a tall supportive cuff.

For the streets

If you want to show your amazing freestyle street-skating moves, then you can go for roller derby skates with a tall height cuff that will support your ankles and feet.

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