With the rising rate of obesity, it is important for children to stay active. Parents can either allow their children to pick up a sport or purchase sports toys in Singapore. Click here to read about the benefits of sport for kids.


Benefits of Sports for Kids

It’s an unquestionable fact that health and fitness among children should be every parent’s top priority. Sports do much more than keeping your kid physically fit since it can have a huge impact on their social psychology and overall well-being. Moreover, it teaches them a few valuable life skills. Read below to learn about the benefits of sport for kids.

Build friendship

Parents should encourage their children to participate in a sport as it gives them an additional social circle outside of their usual classes. Moreover, kids will also have a sense of belonging due to the teamwork needed in many sports as well as be a great opportunity for kids to make new friends. It is not necessary to join a sports team to build camaraderie, as long as you own any sports related toy, all you need to do is invite your friends over and have a ball!

Learning to accept losing

Nothing says bad sportsmanship than a sore loser. Playing a sport is one of your kid’s first chances at learning how to lose. The more a child loses in a sport, the more accepting they become in the future. There is no harm in being competitive but expressing frustration after losing should be done graciously and not in an aggressive manner.

Better at controlling emotions

As emotions can run high as a child grows older, sports will be a channel for them to release all the negative emotions. Furthermore, your child will be better equipped to tackle a wide range of other life challenges in the future.


As they say, patience is a virtue. No matter what sport or activity your child is involved in, it takes practice to perfect it. It may take months or even years to perfect it and to be perfect, patience is required. Although nobody is perfect, the main focus of the message here is if someone wants to be better at something, it is going to take time.


A similar trait to patience, having the discipline of training and the dedication it takes to pursue a sport is an attribute that can be applied to many other aspects of life. Studies have found that those who participate in sport have a higher academic achievement in school. So, if your kids put time and effort into getting better at sports, they might put the same amount of commitment to their studies as well.


Ever heard of the phrase “there is no I in team”? As cliché as it sounds, when it comes to sports, a team cannot succeed without working together. However, for teamwork to be effective, communication must also come into play. Therefore, this is a useful lesson that kids can learn from sports as well as carry this into their adulthood and future careers.

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