Tricycles are fun toy vehicles to play with because it enables your children to explore the outdoors instead of just playing at home. Let your children enjoy playing outdoors with tricycles. Learn more about tricycles and how they can benefit your children below.


Tricycles Singapore – More Than Just a Toy Vehicle

Tricycles are quite common among children. Nowadays, when we take a stroll in the neighborhood park, we are still able to see children cycling on tricycles. Many children start out on a tricycle before slowly transitioning to a bicycle. Having an extra back tire provides extra stability to children and offer a safer way for toddlers and young children to train their balance before they start riding on two wheels. The additional third wheel makes the tricycle an ideal toy vehicle that enables your child to have fun while exercising.

Tricycles Singapore – Why Every Child Should Own One

Generally, most children are ready for a tricycle when they are about 2 years old. When they turn 4, most children are able to pedal, steer, and control the tricycle, meaning that they are just about ready to move on to a bicycle with training wheels. Besides just being a children-friendly vehicle that enables them to safely cycle around outdoors, riding tricycles bring many life lessons to your children:

Improve Motor Skills and Body Coordination

Firstly, tricycles help to improve a child’s balance and coordination. Controlling a tricycle requires a combination of complex motor skills. Pedaling a tricycle requires coordinated food movements, while steering requires eye-hand coordination to maneuver the tricycle to their desired destination. Arms, legs, eyes, and hands work together to enable the child to pedal, steer, and maintain balance on the tricycle.

Improve Fitness

Obesity heightens the risks of your children contracting many potentially life-threatening diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. What makes is worse is that children nowadays tend to stay indoors – playing computer games, watching television, or snacking during their leisure time. With tricycles, your child can be encouraged to leave the comfort of their homes and exercise. Climbing up and down their tricycles, pedaling, and steering will help stimulate your child’s muscles and burn calories.

Increase Your Child’s Independence

As your child grows up, they should learn to grow up and become increasingly independent. Children want to learn how things work by performing simple tasks by themselves, hence riding a tricycle gives children a certain amount of independence that they seek. As tricycles are built for children, children can hop on and off them easily without any help from their parents. Moreover, the balance offered by the tricycle means that they can stay upright without worrying about falling and sustaining injuries, meaning that they can ride on tricycles safely even without parental supervision.

Where to Get Tricycles Online in Singapore

Tricycles are one of the best toys that you can get for your children, to encourage them to leave the house and start exercising outdoors. Now, you can easily get tricycles online at iPrice Singapore. Merchants such as Lazada Singapore, Oh Baby Store, Shoppu, YOOX, and YouBeli offers tricycles that are available in different designs and assortment of colours.