For those who are marvelous at baking cakes but nervous about their skill in decorating one, cake toppers are the perfect solution. Find out how to choose the perfect cake topper in Singapore for your next baking adventure here.


Easy Cake Decorating 101: Cake Toppers Singapore

Imagine having baked a cake for a loved one’s birthday or to celebrate a friend’s achievement. Imagine the cake coming out of the oven looks exactly like the picture on the cooking book and having frosted it to perfection. Then imagine ruining it because the piping bag broke or because penmanship was never your strong point. Now the perfection that was your cake is now defaced by an approximation of the birthday boy’s name. Devastating, isn’t it? Thankfully, this is where cake toppers come in. If you’re nervous about ruining your cake with terrible decoration, if you want it to be Instagram-worthy, a good cake-topper is a safe bet.

How to: Choose an Appropriate Cake Topper

Not all cake toppers are created equal and choosing one does not sound like a complicated matter. Regardless, there are a few factors to take into consideration to perfect the aesthetic of your cake.

Vertical or Horizontal

Vertical cake toppers always look good, especially on tiered cakes. That’s why so many pictures of cakes on Instagram bears a vertical Happy Birthday cake topper in an elegant cursive script. Horizontal toppers that lie flat on the cake have the advantage of customisability. Recently, horizontal cake toppers with customised images have been in vogue as birthday cake decor for cupcakes.

Acrylic, Glass, or Ceramic (or Rice)

Cake toppers are commonly made out of acrylic because they are made for one-time use. For the environmentally-friendly option, take a look at the glass or ceramic cake toppers. These are usually more delicate in both construction and design detail. Alternatively, there is always the option of getting an edible cake topper made out of rice paper sheets.

Cake or Cupcake

There are cake toppers for cakes and cupcake toppers for cupcakes and never the twain shall meet. Cake and cupcake toppers differ in size and style. A cake topper on a cupcake would be like a man with a head too big for his shoulders. Likewise, a cupcake topper would be overwhelmed by the expanse of a traditional-sized cake. No self-respecting baker would make this mistake.


For whatever festive occasion you can think up of, chances are there is a cake topper designed specifically for it. Whether it be birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, or holidays including the global favourites such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day. If your cake has no festive root, make sure that the chosen cake topper matches the tone of the party, whether it be formal or whimsical. Most importantly, the cake topper also has to match the cake. Nothing is more jarring than to see a majestic black forest be ruined by a rainbow-coloured Merry Christmas across its surface.

Cake Toppers Singapore for Your Next Cake-Decorating Party

While bakeries usually provide cake toppers if you request it of them, they are the most boring choices of the lot. After all that hard work put into baking that cake, it deserves more. Have fun with choosing the perfect cake topper to complement that cake. If you’re feeling brave, try your hand at a bit more decorating with some decorating pens. They allow much greater control compared to the piping bag so that even the clumsiest baker can draw a masterpiece on frosting.