Confetti is a great way to brighten up anyone’s day particularly when it comes to birthday parties. It comes in a million shapes, sizes, and colours. Learn how to create DIY crafts with confetti in Singapore.

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Create DIY crafts you can do with confetti in Singapore

Parades, celebrations, and weddings are nothing without being showered by confetti. These small pieces of streamers of paper, mylar, or metallic are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Confetti originated from the Latin word confectum, with confetti bring the plural of Italian confetto, which means small sweet. Party supplies cost a lot, so instead of throwing out the leftover confetti, you can make good use of it with these DIY crafts below!

Confetti banner

If you have a birthday party coming up, this DIY confetti banner is the perfect decoration! Simply purchase a jointed banner at a party store or make your own by cutting up letter out of a cardboard. Also, a paintbrush, as well as glue that dries fast, is important for the project to turn out well. Utilise the paintbrush to brush on glue to the banner and sprinkle the confetti onto each lettering. You can be creative as possible and customize the banner according to the theme of the party. Finish off by stringing the banner together and hanging it on the wall.

Confetti wreath

Thinking of other decorations for the wall? Simply make a confetti wreath that will definitely liven your home. Start off by using a thick foam wreath and layering it with colourful tissue around the entire wreath. You can give it a trim at the sides to add definition to the wreath. Decorate the wreath with your confetti by sticking it in my place with glue. This confetti wreath will look gorgeous as a backdrop for a party.

Confetti shooters

Confetti shooters will liven up any party mood. There is just something about a handful of confetti flying through the air that cheers up the atmosphere. It is also great to be used for weddings. To create the tube to insert the confetti, roll up chalkboard paper with about half-an-inch opening. For the paper to stay in place, use a hot glue gun. Fill up the tube with sufficient confetti. Once it is time to surprise the guest of honour, simply give the tube a good shake.

Confetti glass

Serve your guest with adorable confetti decorated glassware. This project is to create confetti-like shapes on the glass by using a marker pen. It is recommended to utilise a silver or gold pen for better effect. Also, make sure the glass is clear. Work the small dots all around the top section of the glass to ideally create the confetti-like design.

Confetti Invitation

Invitations are always important if you plan to throw a huge party, and what better way to change up a regular invitation to a confetti-filled one. You can choose to accent your invitations with your event day, name or just custom confetti. It is sure to add that extra pizzazz that makes the invitation cards stand out.