A party is not a party without appropriately festive decor and nothing does the job quite like a stream of colour streamers. Discover interesting ways to decorate your next party with streamers here.

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A Festive Singaporean Occasion Deserves Streamers

Depending on who you ask, decorations can make or break a party and streamers have long been a staple in decorations. They reinforce colour schemes and set the mood. So if you’re thinking of hosting a party, get ready to become overly familiar with the feel of crepe party streamers running through your hands.

How to Use Streamers to Liven Up Your Party in Singapore

The first thing a party needs is mood and there is no quicker way to set the mood than with some easy decoration in the form of streamers.

As a Backdrop

If the party is in a room with very little home decor, add a bit of excitement by hanging streamers. Pick a colour scheme; whether it be rainbow, black and white, red-orange-blue; whichever it is, pick one and line your streamer-decor accordingly. It is the easiest and cheapest way of making an impromptu wallpaper to add colour to a party.

As a Tablecloth

Streamers can act as a substitute tablecloth if you don’t own a nice one. Simply use the basket-weaving technique you’ve learned during arts-and-crafts lessons from primary school and weave out a tablecloth with streamers. If you use two or three different colours, you will get a tablecloth that is a) wonderful to look at, b) easy to dispose of afterwards, and c) attract compliments.

Using Patterned Streamers

Streamers are especially handy for a theme party. For example, for a Batman-themed party, fill the room with Batman streamers cut out in the shape of the famous insignia. Or buy pink Barbie streamers for a doll tea party. And it’s not just for children’s parties either. There are customised streamers available for birthdays and graduations, as well as pirate and luau parties. The sky is the limit.

As Decoration on Furniture

Rope blue streamers around white chairs, or tie gold streamers above window frames to double up as decorative curtains. Or use stamps on the streamers to punch out impromptu confetti. A wealth of streamers can make for loud decorations, but use them sparingly and achieve a tasteful aesthetic.

Pair with Balloons

For an extra festive mood, bring in balloons. Nothing screams ‘Party Time!’ as much as a bouquet of balloons with streamers taped to the ceiling and colourful accordion streamers tied to create a canopy above the heads of guests.

Induce Smiles with Streamers

Streamers will forever be a classic for party decorations. They promote a fun, festive spirit and are easy to put up and take down. They are easily incorporated into any space, no matter how big or small, and are suitable for any party regardless of how many guests are in attendance. So if you’re planning to throw a party, consider streamers. They might just put a smile on your face.