Increase your child’s IQ levels while creating eye-hand coordination with the best of brain teasers in Singapore. Find out more here.

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Brain teasers for your child’s development

Do you know what the best type of toys in the world are? The best types of toys are toys that create the need to learn and understand – Puzzles. Among that category comes brain teasers. Brain teaser puzzles are applicable both to children and adults. In Singapore, puzzles are used to encourage us to bring out our creative side. Not only brain teaser puzzles, these days we have 3D brain teaser puzzles. Think about magic tricks and rubiks cubes, these are all brain teasers. Want all these? Check out the range of products above or find out more about brain teaser puzzles in Singapore below.

Brain teasers help to educate

Education is fun when we integrate brain teaser puzzles. This is especially true for children. Help your children associate colours, numbers, and alphabets with completing the entire picture. Integrate puzzles into learning about animals and people and you will find your children learning at a faster pace. As your child matures, you can start giving him/her a higher level of brain teasers to work with. From easy-level brain teasers, you can upgrade your child to more complex puzzles that speed up eye-hand coordination. Here are some brain teaser puzzles you can get for your kids:

  • Kongming/Luban Lock 8 Angle Lock Cube Wooden Brain Teaser
  • Wooden Tangram Brain Teaser Puzzle Tetris Game Educational Baby Child Toy
  • Magic Cube Maze Puzzle Rolling Ball Balance Brain Teaser

3D Brain teasers for eye-hand coordination

Brain teasers also have the ability to bring your fantasies to life. Create eye-hand coordination in your child with the abundance of 3D brain teaser models. Everything from movie figures to dinosaurs and animals can be found online now. For children, 3D models help initiate spatial awareness and overall IQ levels. Allow your children to get creative with sets such as:

  • Classic Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle Game toy IQ Educational Wood Puzzles
  • Classical IQ Brain Teaser Puzzle Toy With 6 Sticks for Kids Children
  • Wooden Football Lock Assembling Toy Educational Puzzle Brain Teaser

Get the best brain teaser puzzles online

Now that you know more about brain teaser puzzles in Singapore, it’s time to shop! Let us show you which brands of brain teasers cater to youThe Big size kids educational wooden toys IQ Brain teaser Ring opening games Multicolor, Magic Cube Maze Puzzle Rolling Ball Balance Brain Teaser (Yellow) and 360WISH 6Pcs Metal Puzzle IQ Brain Teaser Set for Children Adults MT6899 are the best-selling Brain Teaser Puzzles in the market. BolehDeals, 360WISH and 360DSC offer the most popular Brain Teaser Puzzles in the market. Also look out for other categories of puzzles such as jigsaw puzzles or floor puzzles online.