Would you just lay around and watch television on gloomy, rainy days or cold, dark nights? Why not share an activity you can enjoy with your child that takes only minutes but creates a lifetime of memories? Playing with floor puzzles is a great option as it can refine his/her mental and motor development. Read more about floor puzzles .


Floor Puzzles Singapore: Toys with Educational Benefits

Floor puzzles have long been one of the most popular learning toys for kids. They are usually made of foam and specially designed for educational purposes, making them remarkable decorating options for playrooms and schools. Not only do they entertain, they also educate kids, enhancing their creativity. They come in a variety of themes - from simple alphabets to popular characters such as Dora and Elsa.

Floor Puzzles Singapore: Boosting Mental and Motor Development

Unlike brain teasers, small jigsaw puzzles, and other puzzle games, floor puzzles not only get the mind involved but also the whole body as kids reach, reposition, and move themselves. Kids manipulate the world around them and learn to interact with their environment, changing its form and appearance when they work with these puzzles. Here are some of the reasons why floor puzzles are considered beneficial to a child's mental and motor development:

Mental Development

Floor puzzles aid in boosting the child's cognitive skills by developing his or her problem-solving abilities, mental stimulation, and memory.

Problem Solving

Figuring out where puzzle pieces fit or don't fit is one way for a child to develop his/her problem-solving abilities with floor puzzles. These puzzles teach them to use their own minds to and think in a logical manner.

Mental stimulation

Children get a constant source of mental stimulation by reworking the same puzzle many times until they are able to put all the pieces together. Doing all the edge pieces first, filling in the middle, or sorting all the pieces into piles according to forms and colors are strategies a child can use to connect the parts up so they look like the picture on the box.


Floor puzzles help enhance memory by recalling the sizes, forms, and colors of different pieces as children solve them. If they think a piece doesn't fit, they set it aside; otherwise, they will need to recall that piece when it is needed.

Motor Development

Aside from providing fun for children, floor puzzles also enhance their fine motor skills. Simple activities such as picking, pinching, and grasping promote learning of important tasks, such as writing, when they engage in playing with puzzles.

Floor Puzzles Singapore: Refining Hand-Eye Coordination

Floor puzzles are believed to be best for kids between the ages of 3 and 6 as they begin to learn to handle objects such as utensils and buttons. Playing these puzzles provides an opportunity for them to refine their hand-eye coordination while expertly using their hands along with their field of vision.

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