Jigsaw puzzles are some of the best creative toys you can give to your child. Unleash your child’s creativity with the best of jigsaw puzzles in Singapore here or check out the hottest jigsaw puzzles from the biggest brands online.

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The Best Jigsaw puzzles in Singapore for Kids!

Do you know what the best type of toys in the world are? The best types of toys are toys that create the need to learn and understand. Among that category comes jigsaw puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are applicable both to children and adults. In Singapore, puzzles are used to encourage us to bring out our creative side. Not only jigsaw puzzles, these days we have puzzles for 3D objects – everything from airplanes, cars, animals, buildings and thousands more. Want all these? Here are some ways jigsaw puzzles can help your child grow.

Jigsaw puzzles help to educate

Education is fun when integrated with jigsaw puzzles. This is especially true for children. Help your children associate colours, numbers, and alphabets with completing the entire picture. Integrate puzzles into learning about animals and people and you will find your children learning at a faster pace. As your child matures, you can start giving him/her a higher level of puzzles to work with. From 2D puzzles, you can upgrade your child to 3D puzzles that speed up eye-hand coordination.

Create your favourite 3D models

Puzzles also have the ability to bring your fantasies to life. Create your fantasy world with the abundance of 3D models. Everything from movie figures to dinosaurs and animals can be found online now. For children, 3D models help initiate spatial awareness and eye-hand coordination.

Increase Efficiency at Work

You may not believe that jigsaw puzzles have a direct effect on work, but it does. Jigsaw puzzles encourage the use of the mind and body as a whole. This creates a stimulating process that makes you faster both in your thinking and movement. Extrapolate that into your work and daily life and you get a recipe for success. Jigsaw puzzles also push you to take on challenges and overcome them with small steps.

Now that you know about jigsaw puzzles, it’s high time you get some for yourself. Check out the selection above and find the best one for yourself. You can also check out brain teasers and 3D puzzles to get a wider perspective on creativity.