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Impressive and timeless, the whole universe of Transformers is truly a nostalgic one. In the eternal war between good and evil, groups of transforming robots fight a bitter war with each other despite losing their homeworld. Hear their stories and transform! Read more about Transformers Singapore below to find out.

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Transformers U7 Angel / Devil Eye Cree LED Light
S$ 25.00

Brand New Transformers U7 Angel / Devil Eye Cree LED Light Aluminum Colour : Black Ring Colour : White / Blue / Yellow / Red / Purple Price : 1 x Transformers U7 Angel / Devil Eye Cree LED Light - $25 2 x Transformers U7 Angel / Devil Eye Cree LED Light + 1 x Switch - $50 1 x Switch - $8 1 x 6800mAh 12v 6A Battery Lithium Rechargeable - $34 (find in my listing) Included : 1 x Transformers U7 Angel / Devil Eye Cree LED Light 1 x mount 2 x screw 1 x Allen Key Feature : - Branded LED Emitter : Cree Chips Emitter BIN U7 - Strong material - Strengthening Aluminum Alloy - Long lasting of >30000 hours - 3 different modes ( High-Low-Strobe ) - Ultra brightness at 3000 Lumens - Reach up to 200m Range away - LED Color Temperature (Central Light): Cool white 6000k-7000k - Waterproof up to IP54 - Input Voltage: DC 12-80V - Actual power: 20W - Light Power: 125W - Environment Temperature: -40-40 degree centigrade - Cable Length: Approx. 90cm / 35 - Net Weight: 0.43kg / 15.5oz - Suitable for Bike, E bike, E scooter **delivery notice: Cash on delivery only for -Pick up at Blk 512 Woodlands Drive 14/Woodlands civic centre/Woodlands MRT. Or Free delivery to doorstep @ woodlands area only after payment is completed. (Min. $20 purchases) Or Free unregistered mail to local address only after payment is completed. Pic proof will be provided and video proof will be provided if ask. (we will not be responsible for any lost by singpost) *Postal will be mailed within 3 working day. Or Top up $2.50 for registered mail to local address only after payment is completed. Pic proof of the receipt will be provided. (we will not be responsible for any lost by singpost) *Postal will be mailed within 3 working day. Tag: inokim, etwow, speedway, myway, mini, inmotion, dualtron, electric, eyes, fog, head, headlight, foglight, red, rear, light, stripe , line, #cuberpedia , brand new, new

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Transformers Transformers 1-3 Movie Set DVD
S$ 10.30

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play. Action triple bill in which the children's cartoon sci-fi series from the 1980s is brought bang up-to-date. In 'Transformers' (2007), long ago, on the planet of Cybertron, an alien race divided into two camps - the Autobots, and the evil Decepticons. In an effort to prevent the Decepticons from gaining possession of the 'Allspark'; a cube with the capacity to grant infinite power, the Autobots managed to smuggle the object to Earth, where they secretly hid it. Now, hundreds of years later, with the Decepticons searching for the cube, it's a race against time, as the Autobots enlist the help of young earthling Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) to foil the Decepticons' plans for world domination. LaBeouf reprises his role as Sam in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen' (2009). After he glimpses the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers through a powerful vision sent to him by the Allspark, Sam once again finds himself the target of the evil Decepticons, who have returned to Earth under the command of the formidable Starscream (voiced by Charles Adler). Joining the Autobots' mission to protect humankind is Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), who forms an alliance with international armies for this second epic battle. 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' (2011) is the third entry in the film series. When the Autobots discover that a Cybertronian spacecraft is hidden on the Moon, a race against the Decepticons ensues as both sides battle to reach it first. LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro reprise their roles from the two previous films in the series, with English model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley joining the cast as Carly, a new love interest for Sam. The film again features the voice talent of Peter Cullen alongside Leonard Nimoy. Actors: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Patrick Dempsey Music: Steve Jablonsky Director: Michael Bay Format: DVD Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment Certification: 12 Region: Region 2 Discs: 3 disc(s) Extras: Languages(s): English|Interactive Menu|Scene Access

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Transformers Transformers 1-3 DVD
S$ 12.20

Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 or region free DVD player in order to play. Transformers From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a thrilling battle between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. When their epic struggle comes to Earth, all that stands between the Decepticons and ultimate power is a clue held by young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). Unaware that he is mankind’s last chance for survival, Sam and Bumblebee, his robot disguised as a car, are in a heart-pounding race against an enemy unlike anything anyone has seen before. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen One of the most popular, thrill-packed, franchises of all time is back with even more action and more Autobots and Decepticons! In the highly anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Decepticon forces return to Earth on a mission to take Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) prisoner, after the young hero learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers. Joining the mission to product humankind is Optimus Prime, who forms an alliance with international armies for a second epic battle. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Shia LaBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. When a mysterious event from Earth’s past erupts into the present day it threatens to bring a war to Earth so big that the Transformers alone will not be able to save us. Transformers: Commentary with Director, Michael Bay Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen: Commentary by Michael Bay, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman Age Rating 12

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Transformers Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Blu-ray
S$ 8.40

Please note this is a region B Blu-ray and will require a region B or region free Blu-ray player in order to play. Revenge is coming Two years have passed since Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBouef), Optimus Prime (voiced by Transformers: The Series' Peter Cullen) and the Autobots saved the planet from Megatron (voiced by The Matrix Trilogy's Hugo Weaving) and the Decepticons. Despite Sam's extreme heroics, the battle of Mission City has become an urban legend believed only by conspiracy theorists. Now he's preparing for the biggest challenge in his life: Leaving home for college. What will happen to his girlfriend, Mikaela Megan Fox and his robot protector, Bumblebee? Meanwhile, the Autobots work with the US military, Major Lennox (Josh Duhamel) and Usaf Master Sergeant Epps (Tyrese Gibson) to track down the remaining Decepticon forces on Earth, although National Security Advisor Theodore Galloway (John Benjamin Hickey) has other ideas when it comes to the safety of the human race. When Sam's college experience sours amidst nerdy roommates (Ramon Rodriguez), sexy stalkers (Isabel Lucas) and strange, unexplainable visions, he seeks to understand what the Decepticons know only too well. A normal life will have to wait, because an ancient enemy is on its way to destroy Earth! Can Sam, Optimus and co. save the day in the ultimate battle of good vs. evil? Commentary by Michael Bay, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman The Human Factor: Exacting Revenge of the Fallen (RT 134:13) A Day with Bay: Tokyo 25 Years of Transformers Transformer Data Hub Deconstructing Visual Bayhem with commentary by pre-vis supervisor Steve Yamamoto (multi-angle) Deleted/Alternate Scenes (RT 6:34) Easter Eggs The AllSpark Experiment Giant Effing Movie Linkin Park - New Divide Theatrical Trailers TV Spots Galleries Actors Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Rainn Wilson, Josh Duhamel, John Turturro, Isabel Lucas, Tyrese Gibson, Karina Michael, America Olivo, Matthew Marsden, Peter Cullen, Darius McCrary, Mark Ryan, Robert Foxworth & Charles Adler Director Michael Bay Certificate 12 years and over Year 2009 Screen Widescreen 2.40:1 Languages English - Dts-Hd Master Audio Additional Languages English Audio Descriptive Track ; French ; German ; Italian ; Spanish (Castilian) Subtitles English ; English for the hearing impaired ; French ; German ; Danish ; Italian ; Swedish ; Norwegian ; Spanish (Castilian) ; Finnish ; Dutch Duration 2 hours and 29 minutes (approx)

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Transformers Singapore - Top Transformers Toys that Every Fan Must Get

Whether you are an Autobot or a Decepticon, you must admit that there is always an Allspark of Transformers soul in each of us. Unsurprisingly, we are always excited with how a robot or a Cybertronian being can transform into his or her alternate forms without much trouble at all. Since there is a lot of different Transformers products in the market, it is normal that you do not know where to start. Thankfully, there is a list which will guide to choose. Therefore, this is a simple guide that will help you to know about the top Transformers toys that you must get for your collection.

Takara Tomy Masterpiece Soundwave

Aside from its iconic transformation as a microcassette recorder and signature voice, Soundwave is also one of the most recognizable characters in the Transformers universe. Renowned as the Decepticon with undying loyalty to Megatron, Soundwave serves as the dedicated Communications Officer of the Decepticon with unique talents in detecting and jamming transmission. Even if you are not familiar with Soundwave, you might have seen the "cassette player type of Transformers" in the popular culture. In fact, Soundwave ejects his microcassettes which are actually Decepticon spies.

As for the Takara Tomy Masterpiece Soundwave, it has been voted as one of the most popular Transformers toys because it is really a well-crafted figure. In fact, the collectors recognize this Soundwave as the highest detail of any Soundwave model in the market. Moreover, they even dare to say that it actually sets the standard of exceptional Transformers design. Aside from its splendidly painted colors, this calculating Decepticon certainly earns his well-deserved statement that Soundwave is superior (taken from the iconic quote, "Soundwave superior, Constructicons inferior"). In addition, it is also amazing to see that it can actually fit 3 cassette pieces into his tray.

Regarding his articulations, this Soundwave can surprise you with its wide range of poses that you can do. Besides, you need to pay special attention to his index fingers on both hands which allow him to do the "pointing" pose effortlessly. In other words, you will be delighted to find that the Soundwave enables you to do extensive poses that can adapt to your display or diorama. Every piece of this Soundwave model is really spot-on because it is really well-crafted. From his blaster to his separate minion cassette pieces, all of them are stunning. Hence, the Takara Tomy Masterpiece Soundwave is one of the must-have for any Transformers fan out there.

Takara Tomy Masterpiece King Grimlock

Another awesome wonderful design from Takara Tomy is this Masterpiece King Grimlock. Everyone's favorite Dinobot receives the Masterpiece's treatment which takes this already popular Transformers character into greater height. With bigger and improved articulations, this King Grimlock will make your childhood dream come true because only a few toys in the market that are as brilliant as you remember them. Indeed, the King Grimlock takes the cake as he is so awesome as the living proof of idealized image of toys that we have expected and dreamt of seeing as children. In a simpler term, this Masterpiece King Grimlock is an accurate representation of the classic G1 charm that we love from the old Transformers series.

Regarding its details, this King Grimlock exhibits such stunning display of depth in terms of color and scale. This is because the King Grimlock is always this unrealistically proportioned T-Rex that seems to be out of place. However, the King Grimlock stands as one of the most lovable characters and this model here looks like he jumps out of the screen but still can be so playable. One of the best things about this model is that it offers subtle yet effective gimmicks such as the light-up sword and color-changing eyes.

Powermaster Optimus Prime

Of course, it is still incomplete without the mention of Optimus Prime, the inspiring leader of the Autobots. While there are tons of Optimus Prime figures in the market, a lot of them sadly do not live up to their name especially in terms of quality and look. Yet, the Powermaster Optimus Prime is here to save your world (or rather beloved Transformers universe) from extinction. This particular Optimus Prime figure has done much justice when it comes to bringing the icon back to life. In other words, this Optimus Prime is the Transformers toy that everyone has been looking for all this while.

Although the Powermaster Optimus Primes is really an "ancient" figure (1988), it is still being regarded as one of the best Optimus Prime figures in the history of Transformers toys series. Unsurprisingly, it retains huge popularity among the collectors who still see this Optimus Prime figure has its special place in their hearts. A true Transformers fan will definitely not miss a chance to get this highly coveted piece of history. After all, this Optimus Prime looks great despite the passing of time. Like his famous quote, it is always the time to transform and roll out!

More Transformers Products

For more than 3 decades, the Transformers series has been said to be the defining point of the whole genre of transforming robots. Like its tagline, the Transformers is literally more than meets the eyes. Thanks to its huge universe that is filled with lots of different characters as well as other spin-offs, the Transformers series boasts character designs that will appeal to you. If you are looking for more Transformers products, you should take a look at Transformers toys.

Whether you are an Autobot or a Decepticon, you should realize that there is a lot of Transformers products that you can collect and enjoy. Unsurprisingly, the power and popularity of the Transformers series just make you wish in your own heart that you can transform into your alternate form. Appearing in many different forms of literature, the Transformers universe is certainly one of the most rewarding experience ever that you can expect to see in this much-vaunted franchise. Heed the rallying cry from Optimus Prime to transform and roll out or obey the decree from Megatron to punish and enslave!