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Electronic Dictionaries: The Key to Cognitive Development in Children

06 August 2017 | Aaron Tam

When it comes to learning, you must switch to a higher gear of learning with electronic dictionaries. As the teaching method changes, so too its tools. Learning can be made fun and wholesome.

With the power of digital technology, you can forget about how a dusty dictionary should look like because you have electronic dictionaries that can replace it. For your kids, electronic dictionaries represent the whole new level of learning adventure. They merge the age-old teaching concept with modern-day technology to bring the best education for your kids. There are many reasons why you should get electronic dictionaries for your children.

Why You Should Get Electronic Dictionaries for Your Children

A Viable Learning Tool

Despite the advent of tablets and other mobile apps, they still do not diminish the power and potential of electronic dictionaries in helping your child to learn better and faster. When your child has his or her electronic dictionary at hand, learning will be second nature to your child. It naturally cultivates inquisitive nature and a knack for learning you normally will not associate with an electronic device. Yet, the electronic dictionary boasts several key features which make it a superior learning tool.

Having a dedicated learning tool also means that your child will be able to focus on learning instead of being easily distracted with other mobile games on smartphones and tablets. In other words, you do not expect the standard smartphones and tablets to take over the sacred task of educating young minds from the electronic dictionaries. Since the electronic dictionaries are special products designed for learning, they are seen as the exception to the unwritten rule that children should stay away from unproductive electronic devices.

Encourage Holistic Learning

Another reason why electronic dictionaries are a viable learning tool is that they champion the concept of holistic learning. The core aspect of holistic learning involves connecting and comprehending different ideas together. It is crucial because you are talking about taking that natural habit of making connections between ideas to the next level. When your child has been exposed to this learning experience, his or her tender mind can be honed into a powerful mind that can absorb any knowledge readily like a sponge. As your child interacts with the electronic dictionary, it stimulates the mind-body coordination in a way that other teaching tools cannot emulate.

Exciting & Fun Learning Process

As parents, you should be pleased that the learning process can be transformed into a more exciting and fun activity with a little help from the electronic dictionaries. Every single detail on the electronic dictionary has been designed to encourage your child to learn and find out. Furthermore, each different electronic dictionary is to cater for different learning processes. For example, the electronic dictionaries can be divided into three distinct categories: Dictionary/Thesaurus, Spelling and Reference tools, and Contextual Spell/Grammar Checker. Each of them is well-suited to teach your child and help him or her to learn effectively.

Easy to Carry Around

Electronic dictionaries are handheld devices that are never too large for children. In fact, some of them are designed to be more portable and convenient despite having fewer features. There are slim electronic dictionaries that can double as bookmarks; your child can look up challenging words he or she encounter while reading. The size of electronic dictionaries available is simply incredible because it can range from 2mm thick to the size of an average smartphone. Most importantly, all of them can be carried by your child wherever he or she goes.

User-Friendly Features for Child-Centric Experience

Designed exclusively for children, the electronic dictionaries usually have simplified controls that are easy to operate. From large buttons to colorful layout, all of them attract your child's attention to have a go with the electronic dictionary. Some models even come with larger text readouts so that young users can read easily.

Additional Special Features that Spur Learning

High-end electronic dictionaries incorporate certain advanced features as value-added experience. These special features include touch-sensitive screens, USB connectivity, speech formation and recognition, print scanning and others. They are incredibly helpful to help your child to enjoy learning more.

Tips & Tricks before Going to Get Electronic Dictionaries for Your Children

  • You should try it first before going to buy the electronic dictionary for your children.
  • Have your child try out in order to see he or she is comfortable with it.
  • Read and understand how the electronic dictionary works.
  • If possible, you should find out the suitability of the product for your children.

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