10 Exclusive Summer Tees To Seize From MR PORTER

Yen Lyn Goh

The hottest time of the year is here and you know what that means. Lots of florals, shorts and outdoor activities involved. So ditch your sweatshirts and long-sleeve tees at home and embrace your sunkissed skin with T-shirts!

T-shirts are comfy, fashionable, breathable at all times, and if styled right, elevate your personality and express your fashion statement well.

Upon its first launch in February 2011 as the brother site to women’s fashion and lifestyle retailer Net-A-Porter, MR PORTER has established itself as an award-winning global men’s e-commerce destination, offering over 500 international designer brands with complimentary express shipping to Singapore.

Apart from its introduction of own labels like Mr P. and Kingsman, the men’s fashion retailer also collaborates with different leading brands for exclusive and capsule collections. On 3rd June, MR PORTER launched The Tee Store featuring 44 exclusives from 17 brands and here are some cool tees you wouldn’t want to miss out!

KAPITAL Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Featuring an indigo handprint on the front side of the shirt, it captures KAPITAL’s dedication to denim designs as to pay homage to its name of origin - “Denim Capital” in Japan known as Kojima, Okayama. The cutting provides a comfortable space that allows you to move your body freely - even perfect if you wear it for dancing practice or skateboarding.

REESE COOPER Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

At only 21 years old, this fashion designer cum storyteller, Reese Cooper has gained recognition from adidas and BAPE. In this piece, he imprints his already well-established moniker on the shirt with a brush of white-paint-like print, except it’s not one of those old tees you wore when painting your house walls.

424 Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Heavily influenced by Americana, 424 showcases a vintage look of the US flag with its small logo imprinted right below the collar. Instead of slapping the US flag right on the shirt in a boring way, 424 did a twist to it and add some texture and wrinkles to the flag design. Its cutting is squarish and straight, hence it’s suitable to be worn with a pair of skinny or slim-fitting jeans.

ARIES Logo-Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

ARIES is a cult fashion brand that captures the 80s fashion in its pieces with a heavy emphasis on streetwear elements. This black cotton jersey t-shirt is stamped with the brand logo. With the addition of “JEANS” underneath the logo, it further defines the brand’s daringness in going on the unconventional route of fashion design. Put on your classic Vans Old Skool sneakers or Converse slip-on to match this tee.

COME TEES Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Looking at it from afar, it looks like a grungy band tee with a painted portrait and slogans on the sides. This is what COME TEES is good at - manifesting its bold personality by featuring contemporary arts on its fabrics. The art on this shirt that exhibits an abstract person with a skyline behind the person is inspired by COME TEES’ founder’s passion for music and art. On the back side of the long-sleeve shirt, we see a mural-style spraypaint design of COME TEES logo; and along the sleeves, you’ll notice the phrase “A Quiet Place”.

POP TRADING COMPANY Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

This Dutch streetwear label is known for apparels with popping colours. The yellow colour in the O letter makes for an eye-catching appeal that reminds you of cheese rings. The fabric is of mid-weight cotton, which gives you ultimate comfort. Match it with a pair of white trousers or chino pants, and add on a yellow accessory such as a snapback or a fanny pack!

AMBUSH Logo-Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

AMBUSH, known for its Japan-influenced aesthetics, produces exceptional pieces with a diverse range of cuttings and vibrant colours. Don't be fooled by the tiny, minimalistic font, you’ll see an enlarged version of the font with coordinates of AMBUSH’s flagship store in Tokyo at the back of this black shirt. Perhaps you can pay a visit to Ambush's flagship store one day!

TRÈS BIEN Wavy Toys Logo-Print Mélange Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Although the brand sounds Spanish, TRÈS BIEN is actually a Swedish menswear retailer. Being a customers’ favourite on MR PORTER, this grey logo shirt is a must to include in its T-shirt collection. The logo is shaped in a wavy and playful way, which resembles the titles you see in animated movie posters or the names of toy products.

CARHARTT WIP Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

Carrying the tagline “Work in Progress”, this white CARHARTT shirt is simple with a faded purple icon that says “Military Mountaineering”. You can see a stamp-like art in the center with tiny illustrations scattered around, alongside a quote “Listening for Lost Sounds, Searching for Lost Colours”. To top it off, consider a light-brown leather jacket or a bomber jacket.

NOON GOONS Printed Cotton Jersey T-Shirt

In a world that needs peace and love these days, Noon Goons wants to share this message to people all across the world with this yellow tee. Besides, yellow stands for happiness and sun, so there’s nothing more fitting than this Noon Goons t-shirt as a summer outfit. Layer it with a denim jacket or a Hawaiian button-up shirt to spread positive vibes to people around you!

Top tip: Style your tee in a breezy manner with chino shorts or linen shorts. An alternative to that is a pair of black slim-fitting jeans as they always go hand in hand with t-shirts. Tucked in or not, you’re going to look great in this duo.

For more fashion and styling advice, check out MR PORTER’s digital editorial content here through its The Journal and The Daily.

With over 500 leading international brands, MR PORTER provides express worldwide shipping to more than 170 countries, including complimentary express delivery to Singapore. Other services include easy and free exchanges and returns as well as multilingual customer care.

Still lacking something to pair with your shirt? Maybe check out exclusive sneakers from MR PORTER as well, oh and don’t forget your sunnies on your way out!

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MR PORTER is going to mark down its prices by up to 50% on popular items from brands including TOM FORD, Off-White, Saint Laurent, Polo Ralph Lauren and more for Spring/Summer 2019! So make great use of this seasonal sale before you regret it!

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