These Birks Are Made for Walking: Back to Basics with Birkenstock Sandals

10 August 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

Move aside Nancy Sinatra, boots aren’t the only thing made for walking. Birkenstock sandals are a German miracle footwear that will make your daily on-foot commute a breeze.

Not only they are stylish, versatile, and available in many designs and colors, Birkenstock sandals have been proven to help people with flat feet, over pronation, under pronation, or anyone else who needs extra sole support.

Many may not know why Birkenstocks sandals are starting to make waves again, especially among younger people who don’t really need the extra sole support. But if you think about all the positive benefits a pair of Birkenstock sandals can offer you, you may want to start wearing these orthopedic sandals early on.

If you’re still not convinced of the wonderful advantages of wearing Birkenstock sandals, read on.

Renowned manufacturing company

You know that a brand is legit if after more than 300 years since its conception it’s still successfully running in the market. Birkenstock Orthopädie, or Birkenstock for short, was founded all the way back in 1774 by Johann Adam Birkenstock. However, it wasn’t until the 1890’s that the modern Birkenstock sandals we know today was designed.

Be that as it may, the 300-plus years of success that Birkenstock cork sandals proves just how well these shoes work. Birkenstock’s reputation will precede once you’ve slipped your feet inside the sandals and experience the everlasting support from the cork footbed.

Unique cork footbed and insoles

We’ve repeatedly mentioned that the soles and footbed of the Birkenstock sandals are miraculous but there’s a reason why these sandals are so revered by orthopedists and everyone else. The famous footbed comprises of four different layers. The first layer is designed to absorb shock and the two middle layers are made from jute fiber and cork latex. These layers are then topped with a soft suede leather lining.

The soles and footbed of the modern Birkenstock sandals are designed to curve in order to accommodate the wearer’s feet shape. Basically, Birkenstock sandals will mimic your feet the longer you wear them, therefore, making it more comfortable for you to walk around in. It is also great for people who experience constant heel pain and discomfort as the sandals provide ample room for your heels to move around.

Stylish support

Considering that most orthopedic shoes are, to put it simply, unappealing, Birkenstock gives a more fashion-forward alternative. With more than 20 different styles available in various colors, you can always find a pair comfortable Birkenstock sandals that follow your personal style and preferences. Find Birkenstock sandals with multi-straps, one-strap, back-strap, laces, or in the form of wedges, clogs, or platforms, the choices are endless.

Besides the many styles and designs of the Birkenstock sandals, the brand offers specialty collections, too. If you’re vegan and is against wearing leather, Birkenstock has a line of vegan sandals and footwear. If you’re the total opposite and love showing off your animal prints, the shiny snake Birkenstock sandals with snakeskin pattern is the collection for you.

Withstands the test of time

Last but definitely not least, Birkenstock will last you averylong time. This makes this super comfortable footwear a really great investment because you don’t have to go out and purchase a new pair every few years. Like previously said, the unique footbed of Birkenstock sandals are designed to mold to your feet shape the more you wear it so the older it gets, the more comfortable your sandals become.

Better yet, every parts and component of the sandals are replaceable and repairable so you can easily extend the life of your Birkenstock sandals. Just make sure you take good care of these remarkable sandals so it could also take care of you and your feet.


Get on the bandwagon and start paying attention to the well-being of your feet. Find your own pair of Birkenstock shoes and sandals below!

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