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Top 5 The Ordinary Products for Acne and Acne Scars

14 October 2018 | MJ Mendoza

Dealing with acne and acne scars can be a huge pain, sometimes literally. Acne can come from hormonal imbalance, underlying illnesses, bacteria, an unhealthy diet, and sometimes as simple as stress. Whether you pick your zits or not, they can sometimes leave scars, bumps, discoloration, and hyperpigmentation. On your skin, these things are not a pretty sight and could potentially affect your confidence. If you’re on the verge of giving up, there’s one more brand that’s definitely worth a try - the Ordinary.

The Ordinary is one of the most talked-about brands today. They specialize in creating advanced functional beauty with the help of biochemistry and material chemistry. The Ordinary adapts the line “Clinical formulations with integrity”, creating products that are free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, mercury, artificial dyes, and formaldehyde (gross). Although the brand has a wide range of products, they are mostly known for creating the best acne treatments today. Below are top 5 The Ordinary products that may change your life.

1. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

One of the brand’s best-sellers, the Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% is a serum which helps lighten dark spots, uneven skin tone, as well as lighten acne scars thanks to its Zinc content. The best thing about this serum is that it’s non-comedogenic and oil-free so it doesn’t clog pores with formulation well-suited for oily and acne-prone skin.

2. The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid Emulsion 2%

Formerly known as The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2%, is a viscous emulsion created with anti-aging properties such as Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR) that helps accelerate skin cell turn-over. Although this is an anti-aging product, it’s also great for skin with acne scars as well as prevent future breakouts thanks to its lightweight consistency.

3. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

Dead skin cells are one of the many causes of acne that’s why regular exfoliation is needed; this is where the Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA comes in. This serum contains alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates the skin. On top of that, it also has Tasmanian Pepperberry which helps reduce redness and inflammation that’s associated with exfoliation. This product is best used at night since lactic acid can make your skin sensitive to sunlight. You also need to steer clear of this product if you have sensitive peeling or compromised skin.

4. The Ordinary 100% Cold-pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rose Hip Seed Oil is a powerful regenerative ingredient containing Omega Fatty Acids and Pro-Vitamin A which helps the skin repair itself. Besides that, it also aids in rehydrating dry and flaky skin which is essential to growth. Although Rose Hip Oil is mostly known for anti-aging, it’s also great for healing acne scars, lighten dark spots, and uneven skin tone.

5. The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane

Squalane has been the “it” word in the skincare industry, especially when it comes to treating acne. This water-free serum contains 1% of pure retinol which reduces the appearance of fine lines as well as lessens the appearance of acne scars. Retinol, however, can cause redness, peeling, and irritation, so if you’re new to retinol and retinoids, other alternatives include The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% or Granactive Retinoid 5%. It can also cause the skin to be more sensitive to UV rays.

Although the company is currently undergoing hiatus due to “criminal activity” in a cryptic Instagram post by ex-Decium CEO Brandon Truaxe, the Ordinary can’t be any more popular. Which product are you trying? Let us know in the comments section or tag a friend that needs to try these The Ordinary serums now!

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