Unexpected Supreme Collaborations that's NOT Louis Vuitton… and it's Major FOMO!

MJ Mendoza

Perhaps the hottest streetwear brand today, Supreme made major news today by collaborating with renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton. The collaboration gave birth to a series of hot red bags, shoes, apparel, and even with a skateboard set with a matching hard case; the hoodie from the collection alone costs $6000! It was received with mixed reviews with some people calling it "outrageous" while others praised the collection for its iconic style.

While everybody's having major FOMO for that collection, let's talk about other Supreme collaborations that you should know about. Throughout the years, Supreme has teamed up with major brands and you would be surprised how much you're missing out. Here's a lowdown of Supreme collaborations that anyone who claims to be a hypebeastshould know about.

The North Face

Perhaps one of the leading brands in outdoor and apparel, the North Face was such a hipster for collaborating with Supreme 10 years ago. That's right, in 2007, the outdoor brand together with Supreme created a collection of jackets to combat the harsh winters of New York. It's pretty awesome to know that the North Face was cool before everyone was.


While not exactly a brand that you can wear, Fender also jumped in the bandwagon and collaborated with Supreme. Instead of a collection of apparel, the brand released an all-white Stratocaster fender guitar bearing the Supreme logo in red. It comes with its own custom case, strap, and picks. After all, music and street fashion go hand in hand.


Even the plain Hanes shirt has a Supreme collaboration! Like the North Face, Hanes is also a regular collaborator of the brand since 2009. The initial release was a three-pack classic Hanes shirt with the Supreme logo in place of the usual Polo Pony. From there, the collection grew to feature undershirts in black and grey, a thermal long sleeve, and even socks!


It was only a matter of time when two big names in the streetwear scene collaborated… and it was awesome! To share a little background on the brand, Shawn Stussy (founder of Stussy, obviously) opened the first Stussy NYC store in '91 along with Supreme's James Jebbia. Without Stussy, there would be no Supreme. To celebrate the brand's 30th anniversary, Stussy collaborated with Supreme called the XXX collection, and it has been the subject of envy for many hypebeast around the world.

Adam Kimmel

What does a skate-rat do to look sharp? That's what Adam Kimmel x Supreme collaboration has. Working with fellow New Yorker Adam Kimmel, Supreme put together a two-piece suit with a touch of street fit for any occasion. There are two colors to choose from: navy and black, and a corduroy version in dark navy and dark green.


If you think Levi's can't get any better, then this collection would surely change your mind. Though mostly seasonal, pieces from this collaboration would certainly catch your attention including leopard-lined jackets, floral/zebra/treebark camo prints, and white denim motifs. This All-American collaboration is one thing every hypebeast should know about.


In 2016, Supreme has scored major points for collaborating with his Airness' brand Jordan. To accompany the re-release of Air Jordan V, Supreme worked with the label to create a line of apparel which consists of T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, a varsity and coach jacket, sweatpants, and a snapback. Each piece of the collection has the iconic Michael Jordan Jumpman logo and "Supreme" written all over it.


This collaboration goes way back in 2006 but it was just recently in 2016 that they released apparel along with their shoe collection. The main feature of this collaboration is their selection of shoes which apart from the signature Timberland workboots style, it consists of different colorways as well as a Supreme logo on the top.

Just when you thought you knew everything about Supreme, think again. Don't forget to check out other items and complete your Supreme collection below.

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