3 Traveling Deals You Shouldn't Miss In Ramadan 2019

Yen Lyn Goh

This coming Sunday, May 5 marks the beginning of Ramadan 2019. Our Muslim friends will observe fasting for a month until June 4 which falls on a Tuesday. When the evening falls, the celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri will commence, accompanied by a great feast with family and relatives. During this holy month, here’s a list of 3S actions you can take to make the most out of Ramadan in Singapore in 2019!

Score Cheap Flight Tickets

Raya holidays are one of the most looked-forward-to holidays as it’s the balik kampung season. That symbolizes a significant period of returning home to family and spending precious time with them. Some may have to fly home to Malaysia or Indonesia during this Raya season. There are also those who make travel plans overseas during Ramadan or Raya holidays. This leads to a rise in demand for flight tickets and a hike in ticket costs as a result. If you’re hunting for affordable flight tickets right now, you can use Expedia promo code when booking a flight! Great news for card users is that all HSBC, Citibank, DBS, AMEX and UOB members can enjoy 10% off on hotel room bookings!

Sightsee Around Neighbour Countries

Planning to take a break out of work or do some leisure activities on Raya holidays? You’re right on track! May is a good month to travel to Southeast Asian countries for cheap accommodations. Although many parts of Southeast Asia are known for scorching heat, there are certain travel destinations that have just the perfect weather for tourists. One that comes to the top of our mind is Bali, Indonesia as May is the beginning of the cool and dry season there. Since their accommodation is always busy, it’s ideal to book hotels in advance.

Another great place to visit is Malaysian Borneo consisting of Sabah and Sarawak. May 31 is Gawai Dayak, which is a Borneo festival that celebrates indigenous culture and traditions. Tourists will be able to witness parades, dancing and music performances, and even get invited to try a shot of tuak - rice wine or shoot traditional blowpipe guns! What better places to immerse yourself in nature than these two amazing destinations? On Agoda, you get to choose from lots of hotel options that boast great reviews.

Shop Duty-Free at iShopChangi with Zero Hassle

Being crowned the world’s best airport by Skytrax, Changi Airport is truly all Singaporeans’ pride. This travel hub has everything you’ve ever dreamed of; luxury retail stores, XBOX 360 station, rooftop pool with a jacuzzi, gardens with various species of flowers, movie theater, gourmet diners, now with the largest indoor waterfall and many more. It no longer feels like an airport when you explore around all these splendid facilities. Before getting ready to hop on the plane, how about stopping by iShopChangi website to shop for your traveling needs? Whether it’s electronic products & accessories, travel essentials, flight snacks (Hint: IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin) or designer bags, you can find all of them on iShopChangi.

All you need to do is apply iShopChangi promo code when you check out, and you’re all set to pick your ordered items up from the collection points at the airport either when you arrive or before you depart. You can browse around iShopChangi and place your orders 3 weeks in advance before your flights. If you’re a last-minute shopper, fret not, you can shop as late as 12 hours prior to your flight!

As we’re approaching the middle of the year, it’s time to give yourself a pat and take a break by going on a vacation with your loved ones! Score, sightsee and shop - the three things you can do during this Ramadan or Raya season by using the best travel promo codes offered on iPrice. Last but not least, we hope you’re having a blessed Ramadan this year!

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