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Deep Dive into Virtual Reality with the ASUS ZenFone AR

14 August 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Escape from the stress of the everyday life with the ZenFone AR from ASUS. It lets you plunge right into both augmented and virtual reality under its sophisticated chassis.

The ZenFone AR veers from the norm that we see in most phones today, as it wields not only the usual specs but also features that will take you to new worlds. It can support both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality(AR), all thanks to Google’s two powerful platforms: Tango and Daydream. With Tango’s reality-bending tech, you can see the world changing around you whilst Daydream’s expertise can let you immerse right into it. Despite these cutting-edge features, here’s a virtual-reality check: is this smartphone worth the buy? Let’s find out.

A “daydreamy” design

The ZenFone AR comes with a polished metal and elegant glass exterior, exhibiting a “daydreamy” feel. This, combined with the burnished leather back casing, makes it appear premium. Although the back casing is made of synthetic leather, it feels like you are holding the real stuff. All in all, its design is as striking as other current flagships in the market like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Meanwhile, the ZenFone AR’s ginormous 5.7-inch screen displays vivid colors and superb contrast, much like many high-end smartphones in Singapore. It also has a blue light reduction mode, allowing you to binge on social media for hours without straining your eyesight.

Opens up a whole new world

As mentioned, the ZenFone AR is specialized in providing virtual and augmented reality, which are the main selling points of this device. For augmented reality, the ZenFone AR is equipped with three sensors on the back which are built for motion tracking and creating accurate maps. With these capabilities, you can play fun and impressive AR games like planting and growing items in your living room.

In the virtual reality department, you need a headset like the Google Daydream View to play apps and games. Once you put on this VR headset with the ZenFone AR equipped with it, it offers you an immersive experience without any spec of motion blur. You can also watch the VR version of Netflix and Google Play movies, displaying cinema-like visuals in front of you.

The camera no one is talking about

The ZenFone AR’s camera is just as impressive as its VR and AR tech, as it is easy and fun to use. The images you capture through its 23 MP rear sensor appear vibrant and sport natural colors; something that mobile photographers would surely love.

When it comes to the front snapper, it wields 8 megapixels of resolution, which impressively captures a lot of details without producing too much grain. And if you want to up your selfie game, ZenFone AR has a cutting-edge beautification mode that lets you put on some virtual makeup on your face, get rid of under eye puffiness, etc. This feature will certainly save you the trouble of preening in front of the mirror.


With its cutting-edge AR and VR tech and smart triple cameras on the back, the ZenFone AR is definitely worth the buy. If you want to get on board that mobile VR/AR train now, this is an excellent device to begin with.

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