Everything You Need to Know About on the Samsung Note 8

13 February 2018 | Jonathan So

The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has finally been unveiled and the South Korean company has packed the phone with a wide array of features. Here are 4 notable features on the latest flagship smartphone that are worth highlighting:

6.3-inch “Infinity Display” Screen

Measuring 6.3 inches, the screen is the largest thus far on a Galaxy Note device. Following in the footsteps of its Galaxy S8 cousins which were released earlier in the year, the Note 8 also sports the “Infinity Display” layout for its screen. For the benefit of those who do not know what is so unique about this layout, it is designed so that the screen runs edge to edge and almost takes up the front of the device completely. This enlarged display enables users to maximise the phone’s features like using the split screen function and writing with the S Pen stylus.

Dual Camera Setup

Another design aesthetic that has become increasingly popular amongst the newer and upcoming flagships is the dual rear camera setup. The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phone to feature two rear cameras. Both cameras are equipped with optical image stabilization whichenableusers to snap clear photos even when their hands are shaky.

S Pen Stylus

The S Pen Stylus is one of the main features that differentiates the Note 8 from other smartphones in the market, so it is apparent why Samsung wants to boost its functionality on this device. Some of the uses of the S Pen stylus enabling users to scribble quick reminders on the phone’s lock screen and translating text on the go.

Bixby Support

The Galaxy Note 8 also comes pre-installed with Bixby, Samsung’s virtual digital assistant. Bixby can be activated via voice command and Samsung is looking to continually add more features to Bixby soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Set to Launch in September 2017

The highly anticipated Samsung flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to make its debut into the smartphone industry in September 2017. This means that the smartphone will go head-to-head with its rival, the 10th-anniversary iPhone 8.

VentureBeat writer, Evan Blass has reported that ‘an individual briefed on the company’s plans’ revealed that the incoming flagship will be making its appearance in the second half of September 2017. The leak seems to be reliable as VentureBeat is known to be one of a reliable source when it comes to smartphone leaks and updates.

According to the report, the handset is set to feature the same edge-to-edge with 18.5:9 aspect ratio AMOLED display as introduced on the Galaxy S8 line-up. Besides its expansive screen, other efforts taken by Samsung to differentiate the Galaxy Note 8 from its competitors include a dual main camera setup at its rear, along with the line’s signature S Pen stylus feature.

At its core, the Galaxy Note 8 will also be equipped with the Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipsets, similar to the ones featured on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. However, these chips will be paired with 6GB of RAM, making it one of only two Samsung smartphones to exceed the 4GB RAM threshold. The device also features a flurry of software updates to improve its overall functionality and multitasking effectiveness.

Moreover, the report also stated that the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to retail for €999 (approximately RM4,800.00 converted), making it one of the priciest smartphones in Samsung’s history. However, despite being one of the highest-priced smartphones in the market, the handset is believed to still cost less than its biggest competitor, the iPhone 8. According to VentureBeat, its knowledgeable source has also claimed that the Galaxy Note 8 will be made available in shades of black, blue, and gold.

Recent Leaks Suggest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be 2017's Most Anticipated Smartphone

Samsung has managed to stage a remarkable comeback in the premium smartphone scene with the remarkable success of its Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phones, launched back in April 2017. Samsung’s momentum so far and recent leaks have risen the expectations for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. Three recent leaks circulating on the Internet are giving off strong hints that the Galaxy Note 8 could potentially be the most exciting phone in 2017.

The first leak suggests that the incoming Galaxy Note 8 will be featuring a vertically-aligned dual rear camera setup. Chinese site CNMO.com posted a self-claimed first real-world photo of the smartphone showing the rear of the Galaxy Note 8 sporting the dual camera setup. Moreover, if the photo is to go by, the incoming flagship will not have a rear fingerprint sensor like the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus.

Image credits: cmno.com

The second leak that has been released claims that the Galaxy Note 8 will be featuring even smaller bezels. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus had set the benchmark so far in terms of reduced bezel size with their Infinity Display design. However, a recent photo released on Chinese social media site Weibo claims the top bezel of the Galaxy Note 8 will measure just 6.7mm thick, thinner than the Galaxy S8 Plus (7mm). Hence, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be the new champion in terms of screen-to-body ratio.

Image credit: priceraja.com

Following the aforementioned photo, is a video leak about the Galaxy Note 8’s front panels. The video, picked up by Slashleaks, seems to be solid evidence that Samsung will be sticking to its Infinity Display aesthetics for the incoming flagship device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be released sometime in the third quarter of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Samsung Flagship to Feature Dual Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone will be the South Korean company’s third flagship to be released this year, after the successful launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in April. A reliable source of information, SamMobile, has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a dual rear camera setting, the first Samsung flagship to sport this feature.

A phone with dual-camera setting can be defined as a smartphone that houses two primary cameras on the rear, capable of capturing more information and making a photo’s subject and background the photo to appear sharper compared to a single-camera smartphone.

The report supports predictions made by KGI’s Securities famed iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claimed that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a game-changing dual camera setup. Describing it as “the most important upgrade” of the soon to be released flagship, Kuo says that the cameras will include a 3x optical zoom, 12MP wide-angle CIS supporting dual photodiode (2PD), a 13MP telephoto CIS lens, dual six element lenses, and optical image stabilization on both cameras.

The report also serves as additional proof to support an article written by Park Kang-Ho, an analyst for Daishin Securities on 16 May 2017. In the article, Park claimed that the Galaxy Note 8 will jump onto the bandwagon and feature dual rear cameras when it is unveiled later this year.

Besides a dual camera setup, another key feature that experts have predicted will be featured on the Galaxy Note 8 will be a 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) AMOLED display. The addition of the 4K display is expected as Samsung stirs its attention to virtual reality. Industry experts believe that 4K is a key resolution needed by smartphones to accommodate to comfortable prolonged periods of close viewing. If any device can handle a 4K display and a powerful battery to sustain it, the newest member of Samsung’s famous long-lasting Note line should be a strong contender.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may receive a radical redesign

(Image Credit : http://www.trustedreviews.com/)

While there are lots of people who are eager to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, the same can be said for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well. Thanks to SamMobile, there is a new information that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may receive a radical redesign. This Samsung's Chinese supply chain says that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature the largest display in the history of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Not only that, the same source also mentions that this Samsung smartphone will be likely to incorporate dual-camera setup as well.

Regarding the claim about having the biggest display screen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been claimed to boast a 6.3 inch display panel. This is one of the amazing extension of Samsung's Infinity Displays as it extends the display technology on bigger screen. Despite this, it should use the same 18:5:9 aspect ratio of the new S series. In other words, this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can still be used with just one hand. As of now, there is no clear information regarding how Samsung utilizes the 4K native resolution for virtual reality.

The dual-camera setup on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 3x optical zoom as well as all-new six element lenses. According to renowned serial Apple leaker, Ming-Chi Kuo, this should be the most important upgrade of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

New Report Supports Dual-Camera Feature Rumour for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Concept photo of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with dual rear camera setup (Image credit: http://bgr.com/)

Samsung has successfully launched one of two flagship smartphones that were rumoured to be released this year - the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ - in April 2017. Now, smartphone enthusiasts are anticipating the arrival of the company’s second flagship model, the Galaxy Note 8. With a recent report backing up rumours of the upcoming device sporting a dual-camera setup, the Galaxy Note 8 might give Samsung fans an additional reason to look forward to the release of the smartphone come the last quarter of 2017.

Since the beginning of the year, rumours have been circulating that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a dual-camera setup but they remained unconfirmed until recently. Nearly a month ago, an analyst from KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the Galaxy Note 8 will not only be equipped with dual rear cameras but that it will perform better than the ones currently available on the iPhone 7 Plus and “comparable to the upcoming OLED iPhone”.

Today, a report by Korean publication MK News seems to provide conclusive evidence to support the rumour. In the report, industry sources say that Samsung is currently “analysing the benefits of dual cameras internally and is due to release products within the year.” This report, combined with a recent leak of the upcoming Galaxy C’s design featuring a dual-lens camera setting proves that Samsung is heading towards the direction of implementing dual cameras onto their upcoming models in the future.

Although this is not the most captivating leak received about the Galaxy Note 8 so far, it is a strong piece of evidence that the incoming flagship from Samsung will feature a dual camera setting. Nevertheless, the inclusion of dual cameras on the Galaxy Note 8 will be a key feature that many smartphone aficionados will appreciate.

Galaxy Note 8 is Incoming: Samsung Galaxy Confirms Rumours

A concept photo from DBS Designing on how the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might look like

Ever since the first quarter of the year, rumours have been circulating on the Internet that Samsung will be releasing not one, but two, flagship smartphones this year. Now, rumours will probably become reality as Samsung has announced that they will be releasing another high-end smartphone at the latter half of 2017. As the Galaxy S8 was officially launched worldwide on April 21, that means Samsung could only possibly refer to the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung announced on Monday that combined pre-order figures for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were “the best ever”, outselling predecessors Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge by 30%. Continuing from this momentum, Samsung Electronics has released a press release noting that they plan to launch a new flagship phone in the second half of the year.

“The company will strive to maintain the profitability from the positive sales figures of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus by launching a new flagship in the latter half of 2017,” Samsung commented in the press release. Although the electronic giants did not specifically mention the Note 8, the “new flagship comment” left nothing in doubt. Moreover, previous trends also support the speculation that the Note 8 is inbound as Samsung tends to release new flagships in the Note series around August to September every year.

Another fact that seem to support the Note 8 release claim is the confirmation from Samsung’s mobile chief DJ Koh in early 2017 that the South Korean company plans to bring a better, safer, and more innovative Galaxy Note 8 this year. Despite the end result still being inconclusive, chances are high that Samsung will want to leverage on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus’ impressive results to boost sales in its mobile division further with the Galaxy Note 8.

Double the Fun – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumoured to Feature Dual-Camera Setup

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 set to be released worldwide in two days’ time, rumours about Samsung’s next flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, have been circulating. The latest buzz claims that the Galaxy Note 8 could possibly be the first Samsung model to feature a dual rear camera setup.

A prediction on how the Samsung Note 8 might look like

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities predicts that the Galaxy Note 8 will finally adopt the dual rear camera setup, “the most important upgrade” in the Galaxy Note 8. He claims that the upcoming flagship handset will be equipped with a 12MP wide-angle lens and a 13MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom, both offering the OIS features and six-element lenses. Kuo goes on to claim the cameras will be better than the ones on the current iPhone 7 Plus and comparable to the rear cameras for the upcoming iPhone 8. It was an open secret that Samsung experimented with the dual-camera setup on the Galaxy S8, but the idea was eventually canceled as it did not find “real value for it yet”.

Kuo further claimed besides sporting dual rear cameras, other interesting features on the Galaxy Note 8 include a 6.4-inch screen with QHD+ OLED display and a fingerprint sensor similar to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. Moreover, he also notes that the Galaxy Note 8 will either feature Samsung’s very own Exynos 8895 or the Snapdragon MSM8998 processor, depending on the region where the phone is released.

In related news, Kuo also shared details on the sales figures of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, mentioning that the sales figures for these smartphones have been “better than expected”.

In a statement released by the analyst, ”according to market survey, the market feedback for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ has been better than expected. Hence, we will be revising our shipment estimates from 40-45 million units to 50-55million units.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Possibly the Sleekest Smartphone to Date

With the imminent launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ on 21 April 2017, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the next device that smartphone aficionados are looking forward to. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to take its design cues from the Galaxy S8 and improving it further to create potentially the sleekest-looking smartphone in the market.

Rumours have been circulating about the upcoming flagship, with the Galaxy Note 8 predicted to offer a larger display and a better screen-to-body ratio compared to the Galaxy S8. The device is expected to feature a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Infinity Display which will take up more of the phone’s front than the screen on the Galaxy S8. The Note 8 is also rumoured to come with a dual-lens camera setup, one that looks equivalent to the current iPhone 7 Plus.

The hype surrounding the Galaxy Note 8 has inspired people to release concept photos of what they envision the smartphone to look like. Graphic designer Benjamin Geskin recently posted on his Twitter an imaginary vision of how the Galaxy Note 8 might potentially look like. The image he shared looks impressive and might possibly be close to the real design. Geskin’s vision of the Galaxy Note 8 features a design that is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. The smartphone according to Geskin’s design might feature minimal bezels with improved screen-to-body ratio, and the sides of the phone are curved on both the front and back.

Geskin's Vision of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If Geskin’s vision is close to what the Note 8 actually looks like, then many smartphone users will have something to look forward come the latter half of 2017. The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be released around the fourth quarter of 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be Released Later than Expected?

Samsung is expected to release three new flagships this year – one of them being the Galaxy Note 8. Although many expect the Note 8 to be officially launched around mid-2017, recent rumours - if they are to be trusted, suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 might be released on the fourth quarter of the year with the exact date unknown.

Well-known tech informant, who claims to be a member of the Samsung Galaxy Club in China – mmddj_china – recently tweeted that the Note 8 may be released sometime between September and December 2017 as seen in the screenshot below.

While the exact date remains unconfirmed, several theories have arisen about Samsung’s launch plans for the Galaxy Note 8. Some have considered that Samsung may stick to the original plan of releasing the Galaxy Note 8 during August, just ahead of Apple which will releasing its 10th anniversary iPhone in September. Others speculate that the August release timeline will be ideal for Samsung to make the Note 8 available for showcase during the IFA which will be held in September 2017.

However, the rumours of a late launch seem trustworthy as based on some statistical evidence on previous Galaxy Note release dates thus far. A recent history of Galaxy Note release dates shows that all of Note 8’s predecessors had a similar trend of being released in the second half of the year; the Note 7 was released in September 2016; the Note 5 in August 2015; the Note 4 in October 2014; and the Note 3 in September 2013 – hence suggesting that Samsung is most likely to follow the trend with the Note 8.

Moreover, many experts are claiming that Samsung is pushing the Note 8’s release to a later date to make room for a new device, the rumoured Galaxy X foldable smartphone. According to mmddj_china, the Galaxy X will be released sometime between June and August 2017.

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