Galaxy S10 Hacks that will Make your Life Easier

Jillian Cheong

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is selling out fast not only in Singapore, but other parts of Southeast Asia. Compared to its predecessor – the Galaxy S9, this smartphone is more well-received thanks to its exciting new design.

Other than its design, the S10 boasts many new features such as the triple-camera setup, wireless PowerShare, in-screen fingerprint scanner and many more. Take a look at some of the features and how you can utilise it to make your life easier.

Charge other devices with your S10

Another new feature introduced to the Galaxy S10 is the Wireless PowerShare. To simply put it, the phone offers reverse wireless charging for smartphones and wearables with the Qi wireless charging features. Here are the steps to utilise this feature:

1. Before you charge any devices, do ensure that your S10 is charged up to at least 30%.
2. Next, slide down the phone top to open the control panel
3. After that, tap on the PowerShare option to turn it on
4. To charge your device, place your S10 face down and place the other device on the back

Assistant menu

The assistant menu helps make accessing various hardware buttons and every part of the screen easily and efficiently. It is specifically designed for individuals with motor control or physical impairments. Below are the steps if you wish to use this feature:

1. Tap on settings and scroll down until you find Accessibility
2. Click on Interaction and dexterity
3. Look for the Assistant Menu option and enable it

Bixby routine

Bixby routine helps to program your phone to a sequence of tasks based on triggers such as location, time, or event. It offers granular control over every aspect of your phone. For example, if you travel a lot for work and rely on navigation, the Bixby routine will pull up the maps once it’s connected to the car Bluetooth. There are many ways you can experiment with this feature as well as browse through the list of pre-set ones. Follow the steps below to start using Bixby routine.

1. Tap on Setting and scroll down until you find advanced features
2. Tap on advanced features and turn Bixby Routine on
3. Set up routines by tapping the + icon on the top right

Text editor

If you love to take notes on your smartphone, this is the feature for you! Editing text on your smartphone can be tedious especially if there’s a lot of it, but the S10’s Text Editor feature will help you cut down the unnecessary hassle. Whether if you wish to use the text editor to cut/paste text or to write a long essay, you can do so easily with this tool. To access the Text Editor, follow the steps below.

1. Tap on Samsung Notes and open the keyboard
2. On the right-hand corner of the keyboard, click on the three dots which opens up to various modes
3. Select Text Editing

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